The Our Riverside, Our Neighborhoods Initiative is a citizen-led visioning and action-oriented planning process where Riverside residents will create unique neighborhood strategies for each of Riverside’s 26 neighborhoods in a 26 month time frame. The name was changed to “Our Riverside Our Neighborhoods” from “26 in 26” based on community member input. This is just one example of how this initiative is co-created with community and City staff! Riverside Neighborhood Partnership (RNP) members and City of Riverside Neighborhoods staff have developed a public process through which neighbors can work together to create a neighborhood strategy meant to help each neighborhood maintain or advance towards its full potential. Implementation of each strategy will be borne by the residents of the neighborhoods and other partners in addition to City Staff for an open and collaborative experience. Our Riverside Our Neighborhoods will result in an ongoing community effort to identify and celebrate neighborhood strengths and empower residents to make the most out of those strengths.
There are many opportunities for public participation in Our Riverside Our Neighborhoods. The first Neighborhood Celebration and Kick-Off event occurred on Saturday, October 18th, 2014 at Bobby Bonds Park. The event was a lively celebration of our neighbors and provided the opportunity for people to learn about how to use Asset-Based Community Development to affect positive change in their neighborhoods. This was the first of 5 Neighborhood Celebrations that will each include music, activities for kids, and interactive learning activities for all ages on how to tap into their natural gifts, skills, talents, and networks to help make a difference in their communities. Out of this event, leaders who wish to take the next step and begin a “Neighborhood Hospitality Team” will go home and gather with neighbors to share their hopes and dreams for their neighborhood and come up with creative ways that they can work together to make a difference in their communities. As neighbors become more engaged with one another, they will move on to participate in a neighborhood strategy session, where neighbors will have the opportunity to develop a shared vision and to create a unique strategy that will help them to maintain or strive for the full potential of their neighborhood. Please check the “Events” page frequently and sign up for more info on the “Contact” page so that we can keep you updated on upcoming events.

What is Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)?

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is simply a shift in focus from thinking in terms of problems, needs or deficiencies to thinking in terms of existing assets and strengths that all places and people possess. ABCD focuses on building community capacity to achieve neighborhood goals and reduce reliance on grant funding or government intervention when addressing challenges. ABCD helps us to identify the neighborhood “treasures” or “gifts” that exist both in the physical and social structure of our neighborhoods and within you and your neighbors’ abilities and passions. After identifying those strengths, neighbors can support each other by sharing their gifts to accomplish shared goals in the neighborhoods. For example, do you know your neighbors talents and abilities? What if they are an excellent pianist who would be willing to give free lessons to neighborhood kids? What if they are a great artist and could lead the effort to create a beautiful mural? Your neighbor may be hiding wonderful talents and gifts that they could share to enhance the quality of life for everybody in your neighborhood. What gifts, skills, talents and networks do you have that you could share with your neighbors to create the neighborhood of your dreams?

For more information on ABCD, check out the ABCD Institute website: http://www.abcdinstitute.org/about/


Attending any of the planned Our Riverside Our Neighborhoods activities, gathering, and events will help you to identify your own natural strengths, the assets of your neighborhood, and help you to forge a path in making a difference in your community. The Our Riverside Our Neighborhoods initiative gives every resident of Riverside, no matter their age, race, income level, language, or education level, the ability to have a voice in the process of neighborhood planning. You have the chance to make your voice heard and to co-define the vision of your future neighborhood. In the process, you will have the chance to get to know your neighbors, make new friends, have fun at the neighborhood celebrations, and to truly make a difference in your life and the quality of life for everybody in your neighborhood. You are invited to participate to whatever degree that you would like, and we as City staff will make sure that your voice is heard and that you have fun in the process.

Take a seat at the table that is defining the future of your neighborhood, if not you – then who?