Innovation Lab

The goal of the Innovation Lab is to eliminate barriers for innovation and create a unique space and atmosphere for employees in which risk taking is encouraged, and everything is geared towards spurring creativity and nurturing new ideas. The Innovation Lab, staffed with subject matter experts, will provide support in developing and testing employees ideas that are presented to the Innovation Lab team.


Promote Innovation

Tools and guidance

Monitoring and co-ordination

Training and coaching


Develop and Test Innovative Solutions


Data analysis


Controlled trials


Promote Service Improvement in Functional Areas

Dedicated change agents

Project implementation support


Innovation Life cycle

Problems logo

Identifying Problems

• Tasked with discovering and investigating specific challenges using different approaches

• Direct contact with users as part of co-production processes

• Assist in connecting with new tools, advice or other support

Ideas logo

Generating Ideas

• Create a space where employees feel more able to take creative risks and put forward their ideas

• Equipping employees with skills and competencies needed to best understand the problem and what would make for a corresponding good idea

• Come up with ideas as part of investigation of a specific challenge/issue

Proposals logo

Developing Proposals

• Develop and test proposed solutions that can be implemented as part of investigation of a specific issue

• Assist the development of innovative proposed solutions by providing advice and the innovation process, sharing lessons or suggesting specific tools and methods to aid the development process

Projects logo

Implementing Projects

• Support implementation and co-ordination ; help scale project

Evaluating Logo

Evaluating Projects

• Measure the impact of innovation projects; measure outcomes

Diffusing Logo

Diffusing Lessons

• Promote innovation across government

• Showcase innovation projects and innovators

• Share insights about how different innovation tools and methods can best be used