COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

Riverside Rental Assistance Program

On August 4, 2020, the City Council approved the allocation of $3,615,521 of Coronavirus Aid, Relief CARES Act funding for the Rental Assistance Program to help tenants who have been financially impacted with COVID-19. The program is being administered by Fair Housing Council of Riverside County. Below is the Rental Assistance Program performance outcomes report for the month of August 2020.

City of Riverside Rental Assistance Program

The City of Riverside’s Rental Assistance Program assists with up to three months of past due rent to eligible income households that have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • You must live inside City of Riverside city limits (does not include 92509 zip code)
  • You must be in immediate danger of eviction and provide an eviction or pay or quit notice
  • This program only covers back rent; it will not pay for future or current rent payments
  • You must provide documentation that your loss of income is COVID-19 related - no exceptions
  • You must provide current income information for the last 30 days and meet the income requirement that is based on your combined household income that can't exceed 80% of Adjusted Median Income (AMI) for Riverside County.

# of Persons









80% of AMI





 $ 65,100




To apply for rental assistance in the City of Riverside, please contact:


Homeless Prevention Rental Assistance Program Reports

Applications Received - Status

Following up UWIV IS 70, Qualified is 22, Pending documentation is 18, Pending application is 62, Disqualified is 21

Applications Received - Follow Up

Pending application is 62, Pending documentation is 18, Following up UWIV is 70


Reasons for Requests Disqualification

Income is 5, Location is 33, No longer resides in unit is 5, Not COVID related is 14, Not past due is 19, Other agency assistance is 24

Reasons for Requests

Layoff/closure is 71, COVID-19 diagnosis family is 4, Loss of hours is 14, Childcare is 8, COVID-19 diagnosis earner is 4


Household Income Information

Household income, under 30% AMI is 18, under 50% AMI is 6

Household Makeup

Married no children is 4%, Single no children 22%, Single parent 29%, Two parent 45%


Household Makeup - Size

11 Households with a household size of 1 are Single, No Children
8 Households with a household size of 2 are Single parent. 1 household with a household size of 2 are Married, no children

Requests Made Based on Race

10% persons who listed their ethnic background as Asian are Non-hispanic, 
35% persons who listed their ethnic background as Black or African American are Non-hispanic, 5% persons who listed their ethnic background as Black or African American are Hispanic



no substance abuse and no mental health diagnosis is 25%, refused substance abuse and refused mental health diagnosis is 5%, no substance abuse and yes mental health diagnosis is 10%


Employment Status

sales and retail are 3 unemployed 1 working full time 1 working part time, personal care and services 3 unemployed, warehouse 1 unemployed 1 working full time, healthcare 1 unemployed 1 working full time 4 working part time

Employment Status

transportation 1 unemployed 1 working full time, education 2 unemployed, construction 1 working full time 1 working part time, arts and entertainment 1 unemployed 1 self employed


Hispanic or Non-Hispanic

43% hispanic, 57% non hispanic

Assistance Required Map

92503 has the most requests, 92505 has the second largest population of requests, 92501 has the third largest, and 92506 and 92508 have the least requests