Mobile Home Parks Rent Stabilization

Chapter 5.75 of the Riverside Municipal Code (“RMC”) governs all mobile home parks within the City of Riverside.

RainCross LogogRMC Section 5.75.010. Findings and Purpose: The relative immobility of mobile homes, the substantial investment involved in the purchase of a mobile home, and the expense, difficulty, and risk of damage in moving a mobile home has created a captive market of mobile home owners and tenants in the City. A significant portion of mobile home owners or tenants in the City are senior citizens, many of whom live on limited or fixed incomes.

It is the purpose of the City Council to provide a mechanism to prevent excessive, unreasonable and frequent rent increases while at the same time recognizing the need of mobile home park owners to receive a just and reasonable return on their investment. (Ord. 6013 § 1, 1992)

RMC Section 5.75.025. Applicability: The provisions of this chapter shall apply to any mobile home park within the corporate limits of the City and to those residents who reside in or hold ownership in a mobile home under a rental agreement, whether oral in or in writing, of one year or less. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to any mobile home park or portion thereof excluded pursuant to the provisions of Section 798.45 of the Civil Code or to any rental agreement exempt pursuant to the provisions of Section 798.17 of the Civil Code. (Ord. 6013 § 1, 1992)

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State of California’s Mobile Home Residency Law

California Civil Code Section 798.15 requires mobile home park owners to include, in each rental agreement, a printed copy of the State of California’s Mobilehome Residency Law.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Annual Rent Increase

For space rents not governed by a lease that have terms greater than one year, the law allows annual rental increases not to exceed 80% of the increase in the Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County CPI for the prior 12-month period ending August 31st. The CPI for the City of Riverside is formally adopted by the City Council each year in September per Section 5.75.040 of the RMC. Click the link below to view the updated CPI chart:

City of Riverside Annual Mobile Home Stabilization Rental Increase

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