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Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCC) Grant

Eastside Climate Collaborative

Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCC)
Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC)

HCD is the administrator for AHSC and the DOC is the administrator for TCC.


TCC and AHSC Grants are offered the California Strategic Growth Council to fund affordable housing, smart transit and walkable communities, urban greening, and solar and water/power efficiency projects, among a wide range of activities. Everything funded under the Grants must lead to greenhouse gas reductions and healthier communities over time. The funding for both programs comes from California Climate Investments, which puts State cap-and-trade dollars to work.


In June of 2020, the California Strategic Growth Council awarded the City of Riverside and its community partners two grants totaling $31,221,206 from the TCC and AHSC Grant Programs.

Project Area

A Grant project area centers around the City’s 7th and Chicago (Entrada) housing project and will contain most of the Eastside from the City’s Downtown Metrolink station to UCR.

Grant Partners

The City of Riverside is the lead applicant on the TCC Grant, and a co-applicant on the AHSC Grant, in partnership with County of Riverside, University of California at Riverside (UCR CE-CERT), Riverside Community Health Foundation, Riverside Unified School District, GRID Alternatives, Wakeland Housing Development, Riverside Transit Agency, Community Settlement Association, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, Western Riverside Council of Governments, Tree People, and Eastside community groups and community members.


Projects to begin in January of 2021 and to continue for four years.

City Contacts

Jeff McLaughlin / Andrea Robles



 Awarded TCC and AHSC Projects

Capital Project/Program:

Award Amount:

AHSC Grant Only:


Entrada Housing Project


Eastside Transportation Projects


TCC Grant Only:


Solar Installations – GRID Alternatives


WECAN Xeriscape – Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA)


Tree Planting – Tree People


Grant Admin – City of Riverside


Data Collection - UCR CE-CERT


Community Engagement – Riverside Community Health Foundation


Displacement Avoidance - Community Settlement Association


Workforce Development – County of Riverside Workforce Development


TOTAL (All Sources)