What is SolarAPP+?

SolarAPP+, short for Solar Automated Permit Processing, is an online web portal that automates the plan review and process for issuing permits to qualified businesses or individuals to install code-compliant residential photovoltaic (PV) systems. Based on model building, electrical, and fire codes, SolarAPP automatically performs a compliance check on inputs supplied by the contractor to ensure the proposed system is safe and code compliant. Installation practices, workmanship, and adherence to the approved design are then verified by the City of Riverside through the inspection process.

How To Use SolarAPP+

**All contractors must obtain a City Business License and a valid State Contractors License to be eligible to submit an application through SolarApp+.

Step 1: Apply for Permit

  • Log in to the City of Riverside’s Public Portal
  • Select Building Permit
  • Select SolarAPP+

Step 2: Submit Project in SolarAPP+

  • On screen 3 of the City’s Public Portal you will be directed to SolarAPP+
  • Register for or login to your SolarAPP+ account
  • Submit your project through SolarAPP+
  • Pay the processing fee charged by SolarAPP+. The fee is currently set at $25
  • Download the approval documents. You will need to upload them into the City's Public Portal

Step 3: Pay For and Receive Permit

  • Return to the City’s Public Portal and the permit you started in step 1, then upload your approved SolarAPP+ document and enter your Unique ID number provided by SolarAPP+
  • Pay the City of Riverside Solar Permit Fee online
  • Receive Permit

Step 4: Request Inspection

  • Request an inspection through the City’s Online Public Portal OR via our automated phone system by calling 951-826-5361.
  •  Your SolarAPP+ plans and job cards are required to be present during your scheduled inspections.

SolarApp+ Eligibility

The City of Riverside will accept SolarApp+ approved designs for applications and permitting for residential only photovoltaic projects:

  • Must be under 38kW
  • No ground mount or ballasted systems
  • Only residential rooftop installations
  • No panel upgrade or derating
  • No existing PV panels or existing battery storage
  • Structure supporting the PV system may not be historic or located in a Historic Preservation District
  • Structure supporting the PV system must be a legal, permitted, code compliant structure

Special Requirements Through Riverside Public Utilities

Applicant acknowledges and will adhere to the following rules set forth by Riverside Public Utilities:

  • Applicant shall provide and install a non-fused AC Disconnect switch in accordance with Utility requirements.  The switch shall be a gang-operated, load-break device with a visible airgap in the open position. It shall be rated for the current and voltage requirements of the customer’s generating facility and shall be lockable in the open position
  •  Applicants’ photovoltaic production system shall not exceed 150% of historical annual energy consumption in accordance with RPU’s Self-Generation Program.  Self-Generation customers shall comply with all applicable RPU interconnection requirements of Electric Rule 22, Distributed Generation Facilities Interconnection.


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