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Celebrating 100 Years of High Quality Water Services for Riverside
For 100 years, Riverside Public Utilities has provided safe, reliable, high quality water services to the residents of Riverside.

Day in and day out, a diverse and dedicated group of more than 150 Water Division employees, from pipe fitters, laboratory technicians, and engineers to PhD’s, are busy working toward our ultimate goal – reliable service.

For us that reliability simply means that when our customers reach to turn on their faucets, hose bibs, or showers, water will be there.

It seems like a simple enough task. But each day we face challenges from source protection and transportation, to treatment and delivery in order to ensure that the reliable, safe, quality service our customers expect is achieved.

Since 1913, our goals have not changed in the Water Division.

We work, day in, and day out, to protect our water resources, improve our water delivery systems, and maintain our high water quality for this, and future generations.

Water for growth. Water for life. Water for Riverside.

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