RPU is using available resources to keep rates low:


1.Excess Renewable Energy Sales, to be realized in upcoming years
$3 - 5 million /year


2.Adding PV Solar to well sites and lowering Edison electric cost
$800,000 /year


3.Transmission revenues from California Independent System Operator
$36 - $40 million /year over next 5 years; helps offset transmission access costs



4.Cap-and-Trade Revenues
$18 million from 2013 to date; $15 million next 3 years


5.Selling Scheduling Coordinator Services to cities of Banning and Rancho Cucamonga
$750,000 /year


6.$85 million Line of Credit
Reduces the amount of cash reserves we have to maintain and lowers rate



7.Western Wheeling and Excess Commodity Agreement - RiversideWaterPartnership.com
$100 million over 20 years


8.55-year lease with Hillwood
Potential for $45 million