Why is RPU changing electric rates?

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Substation Component Replacements

  • Substations are our neighborhood power distribution centers
  • Many of RPU’s transformers are old and unsafe, failure results in fire
  • 30-40% of rate increase will go toward substation components
  • Old switchgear units need safety features to protect RPU employees

Underground Equipment Replacement

  • About 60% of Riverside’s electricity flows underground
  • When underground equipment fails, it’s harder to find and fix problems
  • New equipment will improve outage response time
  • Bringing underground vaults above ground makes them safer and easier to access

Voltage Upgrades

  • Upgrading voltage capacity from 4 to 12 kilovolts is necessary to improve services to neighborhoods and businesses
  • With more capacity service interruptions will be minimized if we can shift power around when needed
  • Extra capacity is needed for growth and to support electric vehicles and new technologies

Expensive Renewable Energy

  • California requires RPU to receive 50% of our energy from renewable sources (wind, solar, geothermal)
  • Renewable energy sources are roughly twice as expensive as conventional energy sources (coal, natural gas)



Why is RPU changing water rates?

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Water Pipeline Replacements

  • Many RPU pipelines were installed right after World War II when construction was booming across the nation
  • Biggest concern: More than 4 miles of large Techite pipe transmission lines are at risk of failing.
  • Nearly 200 miles of old cast iron pipe are likely to fail within 20 years
  • A strong water system is needed to maintain reliability

The Drought and Bond Funding

  • When the State mandated water conservation, RPU lost $33 million due to the 2015-2017 drought.
  • Unable to sell bonds without more revenue, meaning that little infrastructure will get replaced.
  • Our water system needs to be reliable and safe whether we use a little or a lot of water



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