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:: Refrigerator Purchase & Recycling Incentives
Riverside Public Utilities offers business customers incentives to purchase ENERGY STAR® rated refrigerators that use 30 to 50 percent less electricity than standard units.

Riverside Public Utilities does not endorse or recommend specific brands, products or dealers, nor does it guarantee material or workmanship. Please call 951-826-5485 for more information or to request an application.

Incentives for New Purchases
Rebates of $100 per unit are paid on qualified ENERGY STAR® rated refrigerators, 14.3 cubic feet or larger, purchased on or after March 1, 2005. A copy of the original, dated sales receipt for each unit must be provided.
Incentives for Recycling
Riverside Public Utilities also offers business customers an incentive to recycle older inefficient refrigerators and freezers. An authorized agent will pick up qualifying units and deliver them to a recycling facility free of charge.

Customers requesting the pick up of more than five units at a time will be subject to prior approval by Riverside Public Utilities.

Customer Eligibility
These programs are open to Riverside Public Utilities business customers, business owners, apartment/condominium owners, homeowner associations or those deemed eligible by owning a complex within Riverside Public Utilities' service area. All General Program Guidelines apply.
How Do I Apply?
Complete the Business Programs Application,
attach any required documentation and mail to:
Riverside Public Utilities Programs & Services
3901 Orange Street, Riverside, CA 92501

Give your Account Manager a call today at (951) 826-5485 for full details on our existing programs or to inquire about future programs,
or send us an E-mail.

We consider your business needs important and your input valuable!

Program Guidelines
  • Program is subject to fund availability and may be cancelled at any time.
To apply for the Refrigerator Recycling Incentive Program, please call
1-800-685-2722 weekdays 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
ENERGY STAR® is a U.S. Registered Trademark