:: CNG Dispensing Instructions

KCNG Imagenow your pressure

You will need to know the pressure rating of your vehicle. This can normally be found on the inside fuel receptacle door or near this area. Your vehicle will be rated for either 3000 PSI or 3600 PSI as illustrated above.

Pull up to the pump

CNG ImageYou will need to position your vehicle with the correct pump that corresponds with your vehicle pressure.

Note: Pumps 4, 5, & 16 are 3600 PSI, and pump 15 is 3000 PSI.

CNG ImagePrepare the fuel nozzle

Fully rotate the locking lever to the right or 3 'o' clock position.



CNG ImageInstall the fuel nozzle

Push the CNG fueling nozzle firmly on to the vehicles fuel receptacle and fully rotate the locking lever counterclockwise 180º to the 9 'o' clock position.


Begin Fueling

CNG ImagePress the start button one time to begin fueling. You may press stop to discontinue fueling at any time.

Wait for the fueling process

CNG ImageThis process can take only a few minutes or it can take several minutes depending the the total fuel capacity of your vehicle and how much fuel you need. You will hear the process of fuel flowing from the dispenser to your vehicle slow down and start up again 2 to three times. This is normal operation.

Monitor your progress

CNG ImageAs your vehicle begins to fill up, the pressure gauge located on the right side of the dispenser will rise. When the process is complete the gauge will be near 3000 psi or 3600 psi depending on which pressure your vehicle is rated at. You will also notice that the fuel flow has stopped or can no longer be heard.

Finishing up

Press the stop button on the face of the dispenser and fully rotate the fuel nozzle locking lever a full 180º clockwise to the 3 'o' clock position. You will hear the fuel pressure nozzle vent. This noise can be startling the first time you use the system, so be prepared.

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