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Sexual and Child Abuse Crimes FAQs

How can I arrange to drop the charges?

Contact the case agent assigned to your incident. Express your desire to "drop charges." However, due to the nature of Sexual Assaults and Child Abuse, in most cases the police department will proceed with the investigation by submitting the case to the District Attorney's office for review and consideration of filing a criminal complaint; regardless of the victim's desire to prosecute.

What if the abuser commits additional unreported violent acts, threatens the victim or maintains an environment of severe neglect?

If the physical or sexual abuse, or severe neglect is in progress, contact the police department by calling 911. If the abuse or neglect has recently occurred, but the "emergency" is over, contact the police department business line at (951) 787-7911. In either case, contact the case agent in order to update the initial investigation.

How do I find out who is my "case agent?"

Call the General Investigations Bureau's front office at (951) 353-7100. Be prepared to provide the report number assigned to the investigation by the police officer that took the initial report. If you don't have the report number, ask to speak with a Sexual Assault or Child Abuse Detective or the unit supervisor.

What can I do to prevent incidents of Sexual Abuse?

Contact the Rape Crisis 24-hour Hot Line at (951) 686 7273. An advocate will provide information and make appropriate referrals.

What can I do to prevent or intervene in instances of suspected Child Abuse, Sexual Exploitation or Severe Neglect?

Contact the Child Protective Services 24 hour Reporting service at 1(800) 422-4918 or (951) 413-5000. A CPS representative will make the appropriate referrals.

Web Resources

For more information, please browse to the following locations:

California Attorney General's Child Protection Program

Children's Institute International


Riverside County Children's Protective Services
Investigates reports of child abuse
(800) 442-4918 24-hour

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