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Class II Bikeways

Riverside's existing bikeway network is comprised of Class II bikeways along many major streets. A Class II bikeway, often referred to as a bike lane, provides a striped and stenciled lane for one-way travel on a street or highway.

The backbone of the bikeway network is the 9.5 mike bike lane that follows the Magnolia/Market corridor. Cross-town routes, from northwest to southeast, are less common than routes that extend the length of the City.

Victoria Avenue Class 2 Bike Lanes Ride For Our Future
In 1964, 50% of kids rode bicycles to school and the obesity rate was 12%. In 2004, 3% bicycled and the obesity rate was 45%.

Riverside uses standard standard Caltrans bikeway signage for class II bike lanes and class III bike routes. Other bikeway signage designate hazards, clearance requirements, approaching intersections, the need to stop or yield, and staging areas.

City of Riverside Class II Bikeways

Street Street Segment Miles Rider Submitted Routes
14th Street Brockton Avenue to Redwood Drive 0.3 Submit New Route
3rd Street Market Street to Iowa 2.0 Submit New Route
Aberdeen Drive West Linden Street to North Campus Drive 0.2 Submit New Route
Adams Street Arlington Avenue to California Avenue 0.5 Submit New Route
Alessandro Avenue Victoria Avenue to Sycamore Canyon Boulevard 5.3 Submit New Route
Arlington Avenue Crest View Drive to Alessandro Boulevard (with gaps between Adams Street and Streeter Avenue, and Magnolia Avenue and Indiana Avenue) 8.1 Submit New Route
Big Springs Road Campus Drive to Mount Vernon 0.6 Submit New Route
Blaine Street Iowa Street to Mount Vernon 1.5 Submit New Route
Brockton Avenue
Nixon Drive to Indiana Avenue 0.9 Submit New Route
California Avenue Hole Avenue to Arlington Avenue 4.1 Submit New Route
Campus Drive
University Avenue to North Campus Drive 1.4 Submit New Route
Canyon Crest Drive Watkins Drive to Alessandro Boulevard 4.3 Submit New Route
Central Avenue Victoria Avenue to Fairview Avenue and Chicago Avenue to Watkins Drive 3.0 Submit New Route
Chicago Avenue Alessandro Boulevard to Le Conte Drive 1.4 Submit New Route
Collette Avenue
Pierce Street to Hole Avenue 1.6 Submit New Route
Colorado Avenue Arlington Avenue to Van Buren Boulevard 1.4 Submit New Route
Columbia Avenue
La Cadena Drive to Michigan Avenue 1.6 Submit New Route
Dauchy Avenue  Drive Cactus Avenue to JFK 0.5 Submit New Route
Golden Avenue
Collett Avenue to Magnolia Avenue 0.7 Submit New Route
Indiana Avenue Vallejo Street to Tyler Street 0.7 Submit New Route
Iowa Avenue La Cadena Drive to Martin Luther King Boulevard 3.5 Submit New Route
Jefferson Street  Arlington Avenue to Victoria Avenue 2.0 Submit New Route
John F Kennedy
Dauchy Avenue to Branding Iron Ln 0.7 Submit New Route
Jurupa Avenue Van Buren Boulevard to Rutland Street 0.4 Submit New Route
La Sierra Avenue
Arlington Avenue to Cleveland Avenue (gaps between Gramercy Pl and Hole Avenue, between Magnolia Avenue and Montlake Drive) 4.1 Submit New Route
Lincoln Avenue Van Buren Boulevard to Jefferson Street 2.1 Submit New Route
Linden Street
Chicago Avenue to Aberdeen Drive 1.2 Submit New Route
Lochmoor Drive  Central Avenue to Sycamore Canyon Boulevard 1.5 Submit New Route
Magnolia Avenue Buchanan Street to 14th Street 9.2 Submit New Route
Market Street 14th Street to Hwy 60 1.9 Submit New Route
Iowa Avenue to 600 Ft east of Northgate Street 0.6 Submit New Route
Martin Luther King Chicago Avenue To Canyon Crest Drive 1.0 Submit New Route
N. Main Street
Columbia Avenue to Placentia Ln 0.9 Submit New Route
Orange Terrace Parkway Trautwein Road to Van Buren Boulevard 2.0 Submit New Route
Overlook Pkwy
Washington Street to Crystal View Terrace 2.0 Submit New Route
Palm Avenue  Bandini Avenue to Tequesquite Avenue 0.6 Submit New Route
Palmyrita Avenue
Iowa Avenue to California Avenue 0.6 Submit New Route
Pierce Street La Sierra Avenue to Magnolia Avenue (with gap between Collett Avenue and Hwy 91 1.7 RBC Victoria Promenade Route B-Pierce
Pine Street
14th Street to University Avenue 0.5 Submit New Route
Redwood Drive 14th Street to University Avenue 0.5 Submit New Route
Riverwalk Parkway Pierce Street to Pierce Street 1.3 Submit New Route
Sycamore Canyon Boulevard Lochmoor Drive to Alessandro Boulevard 2.1 Submit New Route
Trautwein Road Alessandro Boulevard to Van Buren Boulevard 2.2 Submit New Route
University Avenue Park Avenue to Canyon Crest Drive 2.0 Submit New Route
Van Buren Boulevard North City Limits to Gage Canal Trail (With gaps between California Avenue and Magnolia Avenue, Indiana Avenue and Victoria Avenue, Cleveland and Wood Avenue. 5.36 Submit New Route
Victoria Avenue La Sierra Avenue to Arroyo Drive 7.8 Submit New Route
Washington Street John F Kennedy to Van Buren Boulevard 1.8 Submit New Route
Watkins Drive Spruce Street to Central Avenue 2.6 Submit New Route
Wells Avenue Crest Avenue to Van Buren Boulevard 1.0 Submit New Route
Total 101.5

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