Graffiti Prevention in Your Neighborhood

Graffiti sends the message that no one cares. It attracts other forms of crime and increases crime statistics in the community. The result is residents feeling less safe and secure. Property values, business growth and tourism decline. The cost of graffiti removal diverts tax dollars away from parks and recreational programs.

There are strategies residents can use to reduce or eliminate graffiti in their neighborhood.

What to do when your neighborhood is vandalized:

Report: Call 9-1-1 to report graffiti in progress. To report existing graffiti on public property, call 3-1-1. Read More...

Document: The City will take a photo of the graffiti before removal to help law enforcement track graffiti vandals.

Remove: Remove graffiti promptly and completely. The City will remove reported graffiti within 24 hours.

  • 911
  • City of Riverside graffiti removal
  • paint out

Prevention Strategies

There are strategies residents can use to reduce or eliminate graffiti in their community

Educate yourself about graffiti

  • Learn about graffiti, how it impacts your community and how you can help.

 Maintain the appearance of your neighborhood

  • Eliminate graffiti, broken fences, overgrown landscaping and poor lighting.

Report graffiti promptly

  • Report existing graffiti in your community by calling 3-1-1. Graffiti on public property will be removed by the City within 24 hours of report.

Organize a graffiti removal event

  • Get your neighbors involved and contact the City by calling 3-1-1 to volunteer for a community graffiti removal event.
  • Adopt a spot in your community to ensure the area stays clean and graffiti-free.
  • Coordinate a graffiti awareness campaign at your school or in the community.

Graffiti-proof your home

  • Incorporate shrubs, thorny plants, and vines to restrict vandal access.
  • Block graffiti prone areas with fencing, gates or other barriers.
  • Plant vegetation against solid surfaces.
  • Limit the amount of solid surface by using mesh, grilles or lattice.
  • Add or improve lighting around your home to promote natural surveillance.
  • Organize a “Neighborhood Watch” with nearby residents to keep tabs on the community.

Communicate with children

  • Make youth aware of the personal and community impacts of graffiti vandalism.
  • Encourage children to participate in hobbies like art, music and sports.
  • Promote respect for where you live.

post it note that says helpful tips Graffiti Prevention Tips

Don’t allow a “legal wall”, or an area that permits graffiti, in your community; they are largely ineffective and may draw more graffiti vandals to the area.

Refrain from promoting graffiti in any way. The difference between graffiti and art is PERMISSION.

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