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Are there committee meetings I can join or attend?

Yes, Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful hosts a monthly Public Education Program (PEP) meeting regarding graffiti related projects and issues. Individual community members are invited to join representatives from local government and private agencies to discuss solutions to graffiti problems in the community. Meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. on the second Wednesday of every even month at the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce offices, 3985 University Avenue in Riverside.

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Do "legal walls" really work?

No. Communities that have tried "legal" walls, an area that permits graffiti, find them ineffective at preventing graffiti. Over a dozen cities in California, Illinois, and other states have all found them to be "a failure". While well intentioned, legal walls send a mixed message and often cause more harm than good. They may appear to work at first, but after a period of time, the surrounding areas also become covered with graffiti. Data also shows no decrease in arrests for graffiti in cities where there are legal walls.

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What is graffiti or tagging?

Tagging or Graffiti is the unauthorized writing or drawing on a public or private surface. The unauthorized writing or drawing may consist of inscriptions, slogans and/or drawings that are created by scratches, scribbles, etching, stickers or paint.

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Why do people "tag" walls?

People tag for various reasons; vandals rebelling against authority, peer pressure from friends, false belief that graffiti is art, young people seeking recognition and groups identifying their territory.

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What do I do if my property is tagged?

There are several ways to remove graffiti. The best method for removal is determined by the amount of graffiti, its location, and the vandalized surface. The low-cost method is the paint-out, which is simply to paint over the graffiti. Matching the color of the surface that has been hit helps prevent a patched looking surface, but it is better to paint it out as soon as possible. Many city graffiti abatement personnel use solvents or chemicals to remove graffiti. Pressure washing the surface is another method used.

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Who do I call when I see someone tagging?

Immediately dial “911” or you can contact the City of Riverside Police Department at (951) 787-7911. Provide the Police with information such as; number of persons, clothes, color of skin, hair color, height, direction of travel, what they were tagging, etc.

Contact the 311 Call Center for additional information.

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