Compressed Natural Gas Stations

The City currently has a fleet of equipment and vehicles utilizing CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LPG (Propane), Electric (Battery Powered vehicles), Particulate traps (in conjunction with Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel Fuel), and Hydrogen, alternative fuels that substitute for petroleum based fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

The city has installed a high volume, public access CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) filling station.

Located at 8095 Lincoln Avenue, the station supports both 3000 PSI (earlier vehicles) and 3600 PSI pressures. Multiple forms of payment are accepted (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Voyager).

CNG is the ONLY fuel that is available to the public
(No gasoline or Diesel)

CNG Emergency Station

Emergency Shut-Off


CNG ImageIn the event of an emergency, close the manual shut off valve on the dispenser and press one of the ESD (Emergency Shut Down) switches located in multiple locations at the fuel island.

Please report the emergency to the guard shack located at the west end of the fuel island on St. Lawrence St.

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Island Control Unit (ICU)

City Images

The City of Riverside uses a standard ICU (Island Control Unit) to authorize transactions. Follow these instructions for using the ICU:

  1. Using the keypad, enter the pump number you wish to use to dispense fuel.
  2. When prompted, insert and remove your credit card.
  3. If you make a mistake or need to start over, you may press cancel on the keypad.
  4. A receipt is provided through a receipt dispenser located below the panel of the ICU.
  5. If you encounter any problems, please pick up the telephone handset located on the side of the ICU It will automatically call the main office.

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CNG Dispensing Instructions

  1. Know your pressure
  2. CNG ImageYou will need to know the pressure rating of your vehicle. This can normally be found on the inside fuel receptacle door or near this area. Your vehicle will be rated for either 3000 PSI or 3600 PSI as illustrated above.

  3. Pull up to the pump
  4. CNG ImageYou will need to position your vehicle with the correct pump that corresponds with your vehicle pressure.

    Note: Pumps 4, 5, and 16 are 3600 PSI, and pump 15 is 3000 PSI.

  5. Prepare the fuel nozzle
  6. Fully rotate the locking lever to the right or 3 'o' clock position.

  7. CNG ImageInstall the fuel nozzle
  8. Push the CNG fueling nozzle firmly on to the vehicles fuel receptacle and fully rotate the locking lever counterclockwise 180 degrees to the 9 'o' clock position.

  9. Begin Fueling
  10. CNG ImagePress the start button one time to begin fueling. You may press stop to discontinue fueling at any time.

  11. Wait for the fueling process
  12. CNG ImageThis process can take only a few minutes or it can take several minutes depending the the total fuel capacity of your vehicle and how much fuel you need. You will hear the process of fuel flowing from the dispenser to your vehicle slow down and start up again 2 to three times. This is normal operation.

  13. Monitor your progress
  14. CNG ImageAs your vehicle begins to fill up, the pressure gauge located on the right side of the dispenser will rise. When the process is complete the gauge will be near 3000 psi or 3600 psi depending on which pressure your vehicle is rated at. You will also notice that the fuel flow has stopped or can no longer be heard.

  15. Finishing up
  16. Press the stop button on the face of the dispenser and fully rotate the fuel nozzle locking lever a full 180º clockwise to the 3 'o' clock position. You will hear the fuel pressure nozzle vent. This noise can be startling the first time you use the system, so be prepared.

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