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Universal Playground at Fairmount Park


The Universal Playground improvements fosters interactive play among all children who use these ultra-modern facilities. A Universal Playground differs from an ADA accessible playground in that it is designed so that children in wheelchairs are able to reach all parts of the playground and includes sensory features for the visually impaired.

The Universal Playground at Fairmount Park (2601 Fairmount Blvd.) ties together an array of special play features and incorporates the history of Fairmount Park into the playground design. The playground is in the original carousel and roller coaster location.  Boardwalk-patterned paving encircle the playground, which contain two play areas, one for ages 2-5 years and the other for ages 5-12, a sand play area, sensory play area and splash pad water play area are all available for their enjoyment.