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Team Lock Dawson Interns

B. Van Wagenen

Brittany Van Wagenen

Communications Intern

Raised in Riverside, Brittany grew up appreciating the charm and history of the city. With two parents and a brother heavily involved in the community of Riverside, she was raised understanding the difference that giving back to her community can make.  

Brittany is a full time student studying Public Relations, with a concentration in Strategic Communications at California Baptist University. Aside from being a full time student, she enjoys working with Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson and interning with Notre Dame High School as a Communications Intern. After graduation, she hopes to continue pursuing a career in Public Relations.  

As a Communications Intern, Brittany hopes to be a part of projects aligned with the Mayor’s vision that Riverside’s best days are ahead of us. 

Jazmin Hernandez

Julianne Westbrook


Julianne was born and raised in Riverside. She currently attends University of California Berkley, persuing a Bachelor's Degrees in Ethnic Studies and Urban Studies. On campus, Julianne is on the Board of the Haas Undergraduate Black Business Association as the Executive of Internal Affairs. Through this organization, Julianne works to give professional development resources to underrepresented groups on Berkeley's campus, as well as works with Fortune 500 corporations to give students the opportunity to network. 

Julianne is intent on working to shine a light on Riverside's underrepresented groups. In the Mayor's Office, she works with the Mayor's Multicultural Forum in addition to other inclusivity projects. Her other interests include education reform, economic development, and community outreach. After graduating, she plans to get involved with her local government.

During Julianne's free time she likes to sing at community events and go on day trips. 

Nathanael Hovda

Michelangelo Torchia

International Relations Intern

Michelangelo was raised by parents who immigrated to the United States from Mexico and Italy. At a very young age, his parents inspired him to create a better future for himself through the sacrifices his parents made for him. Coming from a diverse background, Michelangelo can inspire creativity and higher insight in the workplace.  

He is currently a full-time student at California Baptist University and plans to attain two Bachelor's Degrees in Philosophy and Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. While at CBU, Michelangelo is also a full-time manager at his family-run jewelers; he manages wholesale relations and day-to-day retail operations.  

Being a Riverside native, Michelangelo’s goal at the Office of the Mayor is to better advocate the Sister City program through working with the International Relations Council. By working to create a more globally connected city, Michelangelo believes that the Sister Cities and Riverside will gain mutal beneifts of both economic and cultural exchanges.  


Luis Montano

Luis Montano

Administrative Intern

Luis was raised in Hesperia and Victorville, with a younger brother and sister, by his two wonderful parents who immigrated to the United States from Mexico.  Very early on his parents instilled in him the value of hard work and stressed the importance of an education.

Currently a 4th year Political Science major at University of California, Riverside with a graduation date of Fall 2021, Luis has always had a passion for politics and finding creative solutions to problems and issues. Originally interested in finding a role within national politics, he has shifted his focus to local government and local issues after developing a mentorship with former Riverside Mayor and current distinguished UC Riverside professor of Political Science, Dr. Ron Loveridge.

At the Office of the Mayor, Luis is primarily responsible for legislative tracking and analysis, bill and policy research, and economic development projects. His time as an intern has allowed him to gain more perspective on what it takes to craft and implement policy and a better understanding of how a city operates. 

After graduating, Luis plans to continue working in local government while pursuing a Juris Doctor degree in order to better serve his community.

Miles Ward

Rai-ven Mann


Rai-Ven was born and raised in Hemet. As a full-time student at University of California, Riverside, Rai-Ven is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. From a young age, her mother taught her the value of hard work and giving back to the community. She has been volunteering at middle schools, community centers, and senior citizen centers since the age of 10. She is currently mentoring four UC Riverside freshmen, guiding them through the transition into college and making the most of their first year on campus.

Rai-Ven’s passion has always been in lending a helping hand whenever possible. She sees local politics as another way to directly have a positive impact on her community. Her career interests include: international relations, community building projects, researching homelessness solutions, and finding ways to create/sustain equity.

Outside of work, Rai-Ven enjoys reading poetry, listening to Frank Sinatra, playing her electric guitar, and visiting Hemet to spoil her family’s two poodles (Biscuit and Cookie).