Riverside Public Library

Riverside Public Library

Interview with Clarence W. Brown

Clarence W. Brown
Private, U. S. Army
World War I

October 2, 1917 – June 10, 1919

Note: The diary was copied from the veteran’s hand-written daily notes. The several blanks in the typed diary (below) represent the locations of words which are not legible.

I was drafted into the Army on Oct. 2, 1917. On that day I left Superior, Ariz. and went to Florence by auto with J.C. Graham. Was given my first orders at 5 p.m. that day. That night we had a big dance and entertainment, and all had a good time.

The next day, Oct. 3rd, we left Florence for Phoenix, Ariz. There we had a talk by Gov. Campbell; supper was served to us on the Capitol Grounds. Left there at 6 p.m. that day, going to Maricopa, Ariz. There we lay over until the Limited went through, having only two cars of us we were attached to that. The 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th of Oct. we were on the train between Maricopa and Fort Riley, Kans. On this train was where the great friendship between John Cornn, R. S. Hammer, Jay C. Graham and myself started. John Cornn and myself slept in a lower berth together. We arrived in Camp Funston about 3 a.m. of the 7th of Oct. and it was sure cold. I will never forget that we were pulled right out of warm cars in a level place and herded together like sheep, then we were put thru a runway the same way. That was the first time I gave my name to an army officer. (I have given it a million times since.) We were taken from there to our barracks, when we arrived at the barracks and bath house, we were made to strip off to our skin and take a cold shower bath, and it was cold too. When we came out of the water we were issued a poncho to wear until we got inside. Inside the barracks we were issued one hat, one suit under clothes, one P.D. blanket and a shirt and set of coveralls. By that time it was 5 a.m. We were shown where to sleep. We went to bed but they called us for reveille at 6 a.m. just the same. There I stood, my first reveille. After calling the roll, they made us run for about a mile. This running was made an every day occurrence, but not for me, for I found a way to beat it. We were taught our first lesson that day in lining up for every thing you want. That was Oct. 7. On the 8th we were given our first drill. The next day we were formed into squads and I found myself a squad leader. I didn't know squads right from right face, but I was supposed to teach the others.

A few days later I had my first inoculation. Then I knew I was going to die young for I was never so sick in my life. Dick Stammee and I were sleeping together and he was just as sick as I was. They tried to get us out for reveille the next morning but they might as well have tried to end the war for we were sick.

They hiked us over the hills, and drilled us, and inoculated us and tried to make soldiers of us for a couple of weeks. Then the first rumor came out that we were going to Camp Kearney, Cal. That sure made me happy for I as getting homesick already. On the 24th of Oct. we got orders to get ready to move. On the 25th of Oct. we left Camp Funston for Camp Kearney. We were on the train until the lst day of Nov. I will never forget that trip. All we had to eat was corned Willie and cold tomatoes. If it had not been for the people along the route, we would have starved.

Nov. 1st. At last I am back in the land of sunshine, after making the trip from Camp Funston wearing one coveralls and field shoes. On the first I was assigned to A Co. 158th Inf. and had the first square meal since I was drafted.

Here they issued us clothes just as soon as they possibly could and we started real drilling. I was not there long until Mother and Ella Ruth came down to see me, and I was sure glad to see them.

On the first Sat. I could get a full uniform together. I got a pass to San Diego and that was just like being home. The folks would come down to see me just as often as they could.

We were drilled good and steady and by Xmas I was a regular soldier for I passed an examination and got a pass to Los Angeles. Lloyd Sarnick and I left camp Sat. afternoon for San Diego. Then we tried to get transportation to Los Angeles but it seemed like we were out of luck, until about 7 p.m. we talked a stage man into running a special to L.A. We arrived in L.A. about 12 p.m.

The next day was Xmas day. I went out to visit some of my old friends. In visiting one of them, I met the sweetest girl in the world. I think it was a case of love at first sight. I stayed there at the house just as long as I could, without missing my dinner. I was home 4 days and a half. That was the last time I was home. I returned to Camp arriving there about 12 a.m., the last day of my pass. We did not have much work to do until the 1st of the year. This part of this diary up to here has been written from just what I can remember of my time up to the 1st of Jan. 1918. From there I kept a kind of diary, of my work and travels.

The first day of the year being a holiday, we did not stand reveille, so I slept until about 8 a.m., then got up and ate breakfast. They started the New Year by giving us a very poor meal. I passed the day by writing letters and roaming around the camp. That evening we went to the Y.M.C.A. to see a play put on by the Mask and Dagger Club of one of the schools.

The next day, Wed. Jan. 2nd, was also a holiday.

On Thurs. Jan 3rd, we started working again. We went out to the trenches. We worked all that a.m. with pick and shovel and hammer and drill. That afternoon I was sent to a school to learn to throw hand grenades. That first lesson lasted until about 3 o'clock. From then until retreat, my time was my own.

Friday, the 4th, I was sent out on detail to Camp Headquarters. There we were put to tearing down the old buildings the contractors used while they were building the Camp.

Now, Sat. 5th, with its regular Saturday morning inspection. We would stand inspection in the morning. If you were lucky and the captain couldn't find anything wrong with the way your bed was made or with your equipment, you had the afternoon off. Otherwise you worked. On this Saturday I passed all O.K. so had the afternoon off. I went to the Y.M.C.A. with Jay C. and Dick in the evening but as there was nothing doing, we came home early and went to bed.

Jan 6th was Sunday with no reveille. We did not stand that formation on Sunday. So I slept until about 8 a.m. Then as breakfast was over I seemed to be out of luck and Jay C. was working in the kitchen so I managed to talk him out of some chow. In the afternoon I got a red pass entitling me to be away from my company until 12 p.m. that night. So I went to San Diego. About 8 o'clock that night a fight was started in one of the dance halls between a sailor and a civilian. Before it ended, it was a free for all. When the MPs tried to interfere the sailors and soldiers lined up in a column of squads and began parading the streets. Things looked serious for a while but they finally quieted them down. After everything was quiet, I went back to camp.

Monday, the 7th, we hiked out to the trenches about 2 miles from camp. There they taught us how to go over the top and to keep our head down so Fritzie wouldn't have a chance to show how good a shot he was. They brought our lunch out to us and it was served to us in the trenches. I was pretty tired and disgusted when I got in to camp, that we had no mail the sergeant said and that was his cry for the past week.

The next day, the 8th, was the same thing. Hike to the trenches, go over the top two or three times and spend the rest of our time humped over in a trench. When we got in that night, we were paid off. Pay day. That is the only thing a soldier looks forward to is pay day. We had a Corp. in one company who worked for the Western Union until ten p.m. every night. This night he came in and an officer was inspecting the tents to see if we had plenty air. Talley did not recognize the man as an officer so he made some remark to him. The officer came in the tent and asked Talley for his name. As he did not know the man was an officer, Talley would not tell his name. Then the officer asked me for Talley's name. I did not know he was an officer so I would not tell him either. Then he got mad and turned out the guard and came over to the test after Talley and I. They took Talley to the Guard House, but I put up a big bluff and got away with it. So they did not take me. They kept Talley in the Guard House two days, then turned him loose.

Wed. the 9th, I took over Talley's job at the Western Union. That night, so as to prevent other arguments, they put me in charge of the tent. I rode a bicycle all that day delivering telegrams.

Thurs. Jan. 10. I worked at Western Union again. Talley came out of the Guard House.

On Fri. the 11th, Talley relieved me at Western Union and I went out to the trenches to learn how to put on one of those nightmares called a gas mask. Was out there all morning. In the afternoon we took about a six mile hike out the San Diego road. That was the first and only hike of any size I made with the Company. We came in from the hike and prepared our equipment for inspection.

Sat. Jan. 12. Another Inspection. Passed inspection all O.K. and went to San Diego in the afternoon, but there was so many officers in town I got tired saluting them and came home.

As usual, this being Sunday, I slept until nine and got up. Then I had to cook my own breakfast, which was not a hard thing to do, as I have done that many times. I was playing cards in the afternoon when some friends of mine came down to see me. So I quit and rode around all afternoon with them in their car.

Monday, the 14th, went out and did squads right and left until about four p.m. Then we had a Regimental Review. I never liked these reviews. There was too much standing at attention. They gave me the job of delivering all the express for the regiment and the canteen. That was a soft job. All I had to do was get a wagon from the supply company, get the express at the depot and deliver it.

Tuesday, the 15th. I was taken out of my squad and put in the lst squad which was called the bombing squad. I delivered my express, then went out to the trenches and gave a demonstration to the lst. Batt. ll57 Inf. in the use of a Bombing Squad. We were under the direction of a French Captain, a French Lieutenant and a French Sergeant.

Wed. 16 Jan. Drilled all morning. ____ afternoon was always a holiday and this day was no exception.

Thurs. Jan. 17. We went out to trenches with the Bombing Squad and gave another demonstration. In the afternoon Madame Schumann-Heink sang from a platform in the middle of the parade ground and we all went to hear her sing.

On Fri. the 18th. The French Lieut. took us out and gave us lessons in throwing grenades. When we came in to the Co. ____ the Co. was out on a hike so we did not have anything to do all afternoon. I put in the time writing letters.

Sat. Jan. 19. I missed Inspection by going out with the Bombing Squad to give another demonstration. In the afternoon I went to San Diego where I met Bessie and Lillie. I stayed all afternoon with them, going to the show and down to the beach. Returned to camp at 12 p.m.

Sun. the 20th. I slept until 10 a.m. as usual. I had just got up when Lillie and Bessie came out to camp. Jay C. was working in the kitchen, so he fixed a lunch for us. There was quite a party of us. There was Jay C, Johnny, Dick Stammer, Lillie, Bessie and Lloyd Sarrick and myself. After dinner Bessie, Lillie, Lloyd and I went to San Diego. We roamed around town and out to Balboa Park, taking pictures. In the evening we went to the strip. By that time it was time to go back to camp.

Monday, 21st. I delivered my express in the morning. Then I didn't have anything to do until 3 p.m. The company went out to drill. We drilled until about four, then came in and paraded with our overcoats on when it was so hot we could hardly stand a blouse.

Tues. Jan. 22nd. I delivered my express which took me about an hour. Then the Co. being out on a hike for the day, I did not have anything to do in the morning. In the afternoon they sent me out on a _________ detail. I was supposed to use a pick but the sergeant major put me in charge of the detail of fifty men to report to H. Co. 160th Inf. They sent us out to the rifle range.

On Wed. 23rd I delivered my express in a.m. Afternoon being holiday, I took advantage of it and slept ‘til retreat. In the evening I had a letter from home that sure made me homesick. I signed the payroll for my little $30 per that night.

Thurs. 24th. Delivered my express. Only a few packages. Then I had to dodge detail all a.m. which was hard to do. We went out to drill in the afternoon but it started to rain, so they had to go in. The rain did not let up so we stood retreat in the rain.

On Friday 25th it was still raining so I had to deliver my express in the rain. As there was only a couple of packages, I carried them. They could not drill us on account of the rain, so they gave us school in the Mess Hall. In the afternoon, the Major gave us a talk on the benefits of the War Risk Insurance. It stopped raining so it was nice and clear for retreat.

Here is Sat. again, Jan. 26. One good thing. My express job keeps me out of inspection. Not having anything to do, I tried to make life miserable all afternoon for J.C. by getting Johnny and rolling Jay around the tent. It was raining again so we had to stand retreat in the rain.

Sunday 27. Slept until 8 a.m. Got up, had breakfast and it being a nice clear day, Dick and I took a walk out to the limits of the camp. It was still clear at retreat.

Mon. Jan. 28. Delivered my express. Laid around the company street until _____as there was no details. We drilled a while in the afternoon. In the evening we had a dress parade. That is they paraded us in our P.D. uniform. I wrote the letter to Vera tonight that busted us up. I had to do it for I love Marie more.

Tues. Jan. 29. I missed reveille this morning as I had not been feeling very good, and I didn't sleep well, so did not hear call. I only had one package to deliver but I took the morning to do it. In the afternoon they took us out to watch the l57 Inf. put on a review. I think the 158th is better than they are.

Wed. 30th. Delivered my express then loafed around til noon. Afternoon being holiday, I took advantage and slept. I nearly had Jay C. mad at me. He wanted me to walk over to the library with him and I wanted to go to the Y but I went with him.

Thur. 3lst. I tried all morning to get a wagon to deliver the express but couldn't get it, so delivered it in afternoon. I did not go out to drill for I was too sick. Had been sick all day. I went to bed about six o'clock and about nine they called me and told me I was wanted on the phone. So I had to get up and go over to the canteen. I could not imagine who was calling me. When I got there, I was surprised to find that it was Marie.

Friday, Feb. 1st. I was still sick so I didn't get up for reveille. When I did get up, I waited until they had inspected the kitchen, then I got some breakfast, then went back to my tent and stayed there all day. Marie called me again at l0 a.m. but they were so long in finding me, that she rung off.

Saturday, Feb. 2. They did not have any Inspection this morning as the Co. was out on parade. I delivered my express and missed the parade. This was one day I sure speeded up. Marie called me on the phone at 12:45 saying she was in San Diego so I talked the Lt. into giving me an examination for a pass, then the lst. Sgt. gave me a pass and I went to San Diego. I met Marie, Aurora and their mother at a hotel. From there we went over to Ft. Rosecrans to see Art. We had to give the Capt. of the boat the history of our lives before he would take us over. We visited with Art as long as we could, then we walked to the car line and rode back to town. I only wish that walk would have been longer. It was then I knew how much I loved Marie, but I was too bashful to tell her so, though I wanted to.

Sun. 3rd. I got up on time this morning though there was nothing to do. I was sure homesick all day for I had not had any mail for a long time. I went over to the yard, tried to write some letters but the boys were all singing so I quit and went to bed.

On Monday 4th, after delivering my express, I went out to the trenches for drill. That afternoon two of us took Sam Sims, one of the boys, over to the hospital. This was to have been pay day but they did not pay.

Tues. 5th. Delivered my express. At l0 a.m. they paid us off. In the afternoon we went out to drill but came in at 3:30 to prepare for Battalion parade that evening.

Missed rev. Wed. morning, the 6th. Got up, delivered my express and played cards all afternoon.

Thursday, 7th. Missed reveille again. As there was no express today I had it soft in the morning but in the afternoon they made us drill for one hour with the gas mask on. After that we had competitive drill between A and B Co.

Friday, 8th. Delivered my express and then over to the Infirmary for an examination. When I came back, the Co. was out so I had nothing to do all day.

Sat. the 9th. I delivered my express. As I got through before Inspection, I had to dodge that. In the afternoon Lloyd and I went to San Diego. Aunt Bonnie was down and Lillie and Lloyd's two sisters. We all went to the strip in the evening.

Sunday, 10th. Slept until 10 a.m. Had jut got up when the folks all came out to the camp. They ate dinner with us at the Mess Hall, then we all went to town again. In the evening we all started to the show but there was such a crowd Lillie and I got separated from the rest. So we went to a picture show. After the show, Aunt Onie and Lillie went back to Los Angeles but Ethel and Olive stayed.

Monday, 11th. Delivered my express early and loafed until noon. Then in the afternoon, went to drill. That evening Jay C, came around with a rumor that we would leave camp in ten days.

Tues. Feb. 12. I did not deliver my express this morning as I could not get a wagon. Delivered it in the afternoon This being Lincoln's Birthday, we had a half holiday.

On Wed. 13th, I took all morning to deliver my express for the Lieut. was mad and if I showed up in the Company Street, he would send me out to drill. Had to drill one hour in the afternoon anyway.

Thurs. l4th. Delivered my express then took the rest of the day to clean my rifle for guard mount. I was super ______ which means I would have to stand guard mount tonight and ten go on guard tomorrow night.

Fri. 15th. Delivered my express and put in some more time cleaning my rifle. I went on guard at 5 p.m. Was put on No. 2 post back of the Guard House. As I was on the first relief, I went on post at five, walked until seven, then I was off until eleven, when I went on again, and walked post until l a.m., then off until 5 a.m. next day, which was Sat. l6. I was on guard in the morning from 5 a.m. until 7 a.m. While I was off post, they turned out the guard three times, once for Colonel Smith and twice for the Officer of the Day. My next hitch was from ll to l, then I was through but had to stay at the guard house until 5 p.m.

Sunday, again and slept until 9:30. Got up, talked the cook out of some breakfast. I always did have a good stand in with the cooks. It pays. I bummed around camp until evening, then I went down to D Co and spent the evening with a friend of mine from Ariz. While I was there, it started to rain and rained all night.

Mon. Feb. l8th. Missed reveille. Got up and went over to the Civilian part of camp and got my breakfast. On my way back to Co. I picked up my express and delivered it. By that time it was raining and hailing. Had to get out and police up the whole camp in the afternoon in the rain.

Tues. 19. Delivered express in the morning. As the parade ground was too muddy to drill, we had to police up. Then I guess they decided the poor buck private didn't have enough work, so they started giving us school in the Mess Hall at night.

Wed. 20th. Missed reveille again. I guess they thought I had it too soft so they relieved me of my express job. As I had nothing else to do, I helped the cook so I had a good dinner. In the afternoon I helped Fat Reed make up the payroll.

Thurs. Feb. 21. Back to the old squads east and squads west again. Drilled like H___. All day today. Was sure sick all day but had to go to school at night.

Friday 22. Was to have been a Division Review today but the parade ground was too muddy. Mother, Ella Ruth and Mrs. Hubbard came down today.

Sat. 23. Inspection again. The first time in six weeks. For a wonder I passed O.K. In the afternoon Jay, Johnny, Dick and myself all went to town. We all walked around Balboa Park. We all went to the strip in the evening. We all stayed in town. This night Jay gave me a talking to that made me ashamed of myself.

Sun. Feb. 24. Got up at 8. Johnny and Dick already up. We all had breakfast, then walked around town til noon. Mrs. Hubbard went home, then the rest of us went to a picture show at 3 p.m. Mother and E.R. went home, and we went back to camp. Had to get back early to sign pay roll.

Mond. 25. Missed reveille again. Drilled close order and open order out in rain and mud until the rain drove us in. Stood retreat in the rain. Privates school again tonight.

Tues. 26. For once I got up for reveille. Took us out in the country and gave us as skirmishers all over the country. In the afternoon we chilled on the parade ground.

Wed. Feb. 27. No drill today. Must prepare for Inspection by some big brg. To make it worse they issued us the new guns and we had to clean them up. I worked like Hell on my own and everybody else's.

Thur. 28th. Had personal and gun Inspection in a.m. out on parade grounds. In afternoon we had tent and bunk Insp.

Fri. Mar. lst. Drilled all a.m. Drilled all afternoon until 3 p.m. then came in to prepare for Saturday Inspection.

Sat. Mar. 2nd. Instead of inspection, went on detail with the electricians. In the afternoon, Jimmie Masaro, Dick and I went out in the country taking pictures. This is one more day and no mail from Vera. I guess it is all off. Can't be worried much.

Mar. 3rd. Sunday morning again and no reveille. Slept until 8. Got my own breakfast and loafed in company street until noon. In afternoon we took some pictures in the company street, then the inseparable four of us went over to the ___ center of camp for supplies. I saw Peggy Miller at the Hostess house but she did not recognize me. We all took in a show, then back to Co. and to bed. Another day and no mail from Vera. I guess she has found someone she likes better.

Mar. 4th Monday. Back to work again. We started out in the morning drilling close order. That is squads right and left and the manual of arms. We were only out a while, then we came in and filled out another personal card or qualification card. Instead of going back on the parade ground for close order drill, we went out on a hike. We were back in the company street at 2 p.m., so they paid us off. Then came the usual crap and black jack games.

Tue. Mar. 5. This morning the Major took us out and drilled us all morning in Battalion Order. It sure was comical the way old Capt. Hopkins got his orders balled up. In the afternoon the Company drilled until about 3, then Lieut. Johnson took us in and formed a Volley Ball team, and we played until time for Retreat. Played cards all evening and, as usual, went broke.

Mar. 6 Wed. Here is where I started doing Kitchen Police for the first time since entering the service. I was assigned to the dining room so had no dirty work to do. Had to work until about 8 p.m.

Mar. 7 Thurs. Was on K.P. again today. I don't mind it so much if there wasn't so many dirty dishes to wash.

Fri. Mar. 8th. This morning there was a rumor started that they would call for six volunteers for immediate service in France. So when the Co. lined up for drill at noon, Lieut. Johnson stepped in front of the Company and asked for six Privates and First Class Privates for service in France. Every man from Superior stepped forward with one exception. That was Smiley Sonoqui. As I was on K.P. I did not line up with the Co. but was standing behind the Co. with Jay Graham when they asked for men. Jay and I ran clear around in front. I was a fine looking sight in my fatigue clothes with my sleeves rolled up and flour all over me. The Lieut. asked me if I wanted to go to France to get out of K.P. I was not accepted at first. Johnny Conn was the only one of our four who was accepted but he wanted me to go with him so had he pestered the Lieut until he promised if one of the six backed out, he would send me. So, about 3 in the afternoon, Johnny came running over to the Mess Hall just yelling. I was busily engaged cutting up some meat for the old army ____ and Johnny says, "Lay down that knife, boy, you have cut your last bull in A Co." So I was relieved from K.P. to go to France. I sure was tickled too as I was getting awful tired of Camp Kearney.

Mar. 9th. Sat. Gov. Hunt of Arizona came down today to inspect his Regiment as he called the lst. Ariz. so we had to put on a Reg. review for him, and our God Mother Theda Bara. We formed a guard of honor after the review and escorted Gov. Hunts car from the parade ground to "Y" 5 where the Gov. and Theda gave us a nice talk and Theda presented each Company with a large picture of herself.

In the afternoon we had a Divisional Parade. It was my last parade in Camp Kearney.

Sun. Mar. 10. We had to report at Divisional Headquarters at 7:15 and one of the officers talked to us for about 2 hours, telling us of the dangers and hardships we would have on the other side, and giving us all a chance to back out if we did not think we were soldiers enough yet to go through with it. But there was only one man backed out and he was from "B" Co.

Lillie came down in the morning after we came back from Hdqtrs. She only stayed a little while though as she had to catch the 3 p.m. train back to L.A. She had no more than left camp until Shafer came in. Poor kid, he sure hated to see me going to France, but I had to do it. I think if I had stayed at Kearney another month, I would have deserted. The kid only stayed until 9 p.m., then went home. That was the last time I saw him until I was discharged.

Mon. Mar. 11. Pretty soft for us guys who are going to France. No reveille or anything, just lay around the company street. It rained hard all day today, so we put in most of our time sleeping and writing farewell letters. We went off to the civilian center at night; stayed until all the ______ were blown.

Tue. Mar. 12. Another day with nothing to do but loaf. We are confined to the Company street so cannot go away any farther than the canteen. I used my wrist watch __________ March. I asked him for an Ingersoll and he sent me a Waltham.

Wed. Mar. 13. I guess the lst Sgt. got tired seeing us loaf in the Company street so he made up put up a stove outside of the Mess Hall to heat dish water on. No news yet as to when we leave for France.

I received two pictures in the mail today. One from Aurora Gehrman and one from Abie Hornafin.

Thur. Mar. 14. Nothing to do. Still loafing in Company street. Wasn't allowed to go to Civilian Center this morning. No news yet about leaving.

Friday, Mar. 15. Well, it is beginning to look as if something was going to happen. We went over to the Infirmary and had our teeth inspected. Then we went out to the rifle range about a mile-and-a-half from Camp. We had to come back for another inspection. When that was over, we hiked back out to the rifle range again. Was only there about half an hour, when the ______ sent for us again, so we hiked back in again. This time we stayed in and they gave us order to report to Div. Hdqtrs. in the morning.

Sat. Mar. 16. Moved from A Co. over to quarantine camp about a mile from the Co. We had a light inspection when we got there. After that we had nothing to do but lay around camp until we then, Johnny Cornn and I walked over to A Co. for our mail; talked to the boys for a while, then went back to camp. Was in at 9:30.

Sun. Mar. 17. No reveille today but did manage to get up in time for breakfast. Loafed around until noon. After dinner Johnny and I went over to Company A and played cards and roughhoused Jay and Dick until 9 p.m.

Mon. Mar. 18. Had to get out and drill for a couple of hours but it did not amount to anything though as big Slim Moore, the acting Sgt. of one detachment, would drill us until we got around to the canteen. Then he would tell us to fall out. Had to go on guard tonight. - that as kind of tough as it was raining and dreary. We only stood guard there at night so I was on from 10 to 12 p.m. Then off until 4 a.m. when I went on again for another two hours.

Tues. Mar. 19. I got a letter this morning from Vera Dodge which sure did bust things up between us. She told me how she had met a man who she thought she loved more than she did me. We had another Inspection. After that was over, Jay C and Dick came over and we went to Civilian Center. Had supper. Went to a show, then back to Rookie Camp. They called it Rookie Camp because that was where all the men went who were just coming into camp.

Wed. Mar. 20. Had on other clothes and equipment inspection, then rifle inspection. Went over to A Company again this evening.

Thurs. Mar. 21st. Failed again to get up for reveille. After breakfast we packed our barracks bags and got all ready to go. Sent one shift over on trucks to the depot. Something was wrong. We did not leave, so we had to carry our stuff back to camp. We had no more than got settled, until we got orders to get ready to go again, but we did not go.

Friday, Mar. 22. This sure is a great life. Nothing to do but loaf around camp and go over to Civil. Center.

Sat. Mar. 23. One good thing about this Rookie Camp, we don't have to doll up for Saturday inspection. As we had nothing else to do, we loafed around camp all day.

Some of us from A Company went over there in the evening and stayed all night as we did not have to stand reveille on Sunday morning.

Sun. 24. Bummed around Civil. Center all day. Saw an old friend of mine, Peggy Miller, but she did not recognize me, so I did not speak to her. When we got back to camp, they ere getting ready to leave, so we had to pack our barracks bags again.

Nov. 25. Well, the great day is here at last. We leave Camp Kearney at 11 a.m. for somewhere in France. We are still in the land of sunshine and flowers. All day to day but as we are about four or five days behind schedule, we are sure _________ some.

Tue. 26. Hit Arizona about midnight last night, and going through it like it wasn't there. Laid in Bowie about an hour-and-a-half but soon beat it out of Arizona and into New Mexico.

Wed. 27. Left New Mexico sometime last night. Woke up in El Paso, Texas about 8 a.m. Had breakfast there. Then on across the Texas desert. I was on K.P. so sitting in the cook car door I got an unobstructed view of this said desert. They can say all they want to about Texas but I know I rode about six hours on a pretty fast train and the only sign of life I saw was a few soldiers guarding the bridge across the Pecos River.

Thur. 28th. Finished the rest of Texas and hit Louisiana. We crossed the big Mississippi at New Orleans. One of the dreams of my life was realized when we ran our train onto the ferry at New Orleans and crossed the Father of Waters.

We laid over in New Orleans about two hours and the Red Cross served hot coffee and cake. They are sure pushing the troops to France. One lady told me that our train was the seventh one that day and more was expected. We pushed on through the rest of Louisiana and some state it is, altho the part we went through was mostly swamp land. This South sure is a great country. The people sure treat us fine. It is like living in another country altogether. We are in Mississippi now. It is almost the same as Louisiana. The niggers and dogs are lying with the pigs asleep on the P.O. porch.

Out of Mississippi and into Alabama.

Friday, Mar. 29. Hit Birmingham, Alabama today. I almost got lost here. The train runs in and out of the depot on an elevated track, and, as some of us wanted to look this quaint old town over, we slid down one of the posts. That was easy enough but when the train started, it was not so easy climbing back up, but we made it and left Alabama far behind and pulled into Georgia.

This sure is a beautiful country all along. At Augusta, Georgia, they took us off the train and marched us around town for quite a while. It was quite a hike but everybody enjoyed it. Well, here we are in another state, North Carolina, traveling on the Seaboard Air Line but why they call it that, I never could tell. Of all the dusty, dirty, bumpy, roads I have ever ridden on, this is the worst, but for all of that, there sure is some pretty country all along.

Sat. 30. It was dark when we landed in Washington, D.C. from Virginia, but while coming through Virginia, I could see Washington's home. When we crossed the Potomac River, I was on guard, so I could see the Capital and the State buildings. It sure is pretty along the Potomac River, all lit up and parks on each side. We did not stay long in Washington, just long enough to change our engine for a Pennsylvania Line engine and from here on we ramble.

Sun. 31. Into Pennsylvania. Did not stop any place very long until we got to Philadelphia. There we stopped right on the R.R. bridge over the Schuylkill River. I heard a lot of Pennsylvania after I got overseas as I was assigned to a Pennsylvania outfit, but it sure is a beautiful country at that. Well, we are nearing the end of our journey. We are now in New Jersey. Pulled into the station at Jersey City. Stayed there for quite a while, then pulled on around to Camp Merritt, New Jersey. Arrived there about 3 p.m. The end of our overland trip. Where do we go from here? Were assigned to our barracks. Carried all our stuff up there, then had to move clear across camp. By that time it was supper time, so we had to hike clear back to the first barracks for supper.

Mon. April 1st. Laid around camp. Tried to wash clothes and get cleaned up in the morning. In the afternoon we had to move again. I was sure sick all day. I think it was more homesickness than anything else.

Tues. Apr. 2nd. Wash clothes again today and took a bath. That sure was some job as we had to heat water as we used it, so it was mostly a cold bath.

Wed. 3rd. Johnny and I hiked all over camp. Tried to get a pass to New York but no chance. In the evening, we took our barracks bags down and put them on the cars. had to hike about a mile in the rain as it rained all the time we were in Merritt.

Thur. 4. Sat up all night last night waiting for orders to leave. But did not board train until 8 a.m. Rode the train from Camp Merritt to Hoboken. Marched from the station at Hoboken to the A.L.S. docks. There we boarded the Transport America. It was formerly a German liner. It seems as though I can't lose Johnny. We were loaded onto the boat in alphabetical order but when I got to my berth, I found Johnny had one right alongside of me.

Friday, April 5th. Loafed on board ship all day. Expect to pull out tomorrow. This is a big old boat so I don't think we will get very seasick.

Sat. April 6. This is the big day. Pulled out of New York Harbor at 6 p.m. Didn't get to see a thing as they kept us down in the hole of the ship until we were well out of sight of land. I don't know what the idea was, unless they didn't want us to be seen. They said that was the reason, but they marched us right down the streets of Hoboken and onto the ship, so if anyone wanted to know where we were going, all they had to do was watch us.

Sunday 7. At sea. This sure is a monotonous life. Nothing but water just as far as you can see. We had two submarine drills but they only lasted a few minutes each. The chow sure is the ____ to all steam cooked.

Monday morning, April 8. Woke up and everybody was seasick. Plenty of room in the Mess Hall this morning. I am not sick yet, but will be if I have to watch these guys much longer. The old boat is bucking and tossing like a wild horse, so you can't blame these poor devils for being sick. I am not seasick yet but the trip is young yet.

Tues. Apr. 8th. Still at sea. Everybody is still feeding the fish. Have not fed them yet but feel tonight as though I would just as soon as not.

Wed. Apr. 9. Was feeling pretty bad all day, but haven't fed the fish yet. Had two submarine drills today.

Thur. 11th. Pulled into what they call the war zone. ______ worked like a slave all day passing coal up from the hold to the officer's mess. At night we had to keep the ship dark. Couldn't even wear an illuminated wrist watch uncovered.

Friday, 12th. Still in dangerous waters. Sailor scrubbing the upper deck, slipped and fell overboard, so we had to stop, turn around, and go back after him. Picked up two more transports today. The Great Northern and the Meuratania.

Sat. April 13. This old ship is traveling today like a scared rabbit. You would think all the U-boats in Germany were after us.

they gave us orders to sleep with all our clothes on tonight.

Sun. 14. Second Sunday at sea. Sighted a fleet of Mine Sweepers today. Also two old four-masted sailing vessels along the Irish Coast. Picked up our convoy today of 5. Destroyers and one cruiser.

Mon. 15. Great day. Sighted land about noon. Pulled into the harbor at Brest, but will not land until tomorrow. My first impression of Brest was that it was a very pretty place. It is. From the boat.

Tue. April 16. Unloaded from boat today after about 11 days on the boat. They hiked us in full pack out 4 miles to the Pontanezano Baracks. They were an old barracks Napoleon built for his army. We managed to stir up some supper about 10 p.m. After sleeping on the floor, I think the boards got a little harder every year after Napoleon built them.

Wed. 17. Laid around camp here all day. Nothing doing. Don't know where we go from here, but taking this dreary weather and the stories we hear from the wounded soldiers, I already know where I wish they would go - BACK to Camp Kearney.

Thur. 18. They took us out and drilled us a while today, and I begin to think I was a little hasty in leaving the fun kissed parade ground of C.K. for the rain soaked sunless sunny France. Johnny and I wrote letters home. That is all there is to do here with a 14 foot wall all around us and a Regiment of Inf. around that.

Fri. Apr. 19. Packed up our barrack bags and packs and got ready to leave here. Went down to the station at Brest and stood around there until 10 p.m. While standing around there waiting for the train, one of the boys discovered a case of Champagne. He helped himself to a bottle but the French Station Agent saw him, and grabbed for him. He got his hat but that was all. So they lined us up to get the guilty one, and the only way the French man could describe him was that he didn't have a hat. So when we found that out, we all pulled our hats off, but the Captain made us put them back on. Then somebody came to the soldier's rescue with another hat and they never did find who got the champagne.

Sat. Apr. 20. Rode all day in box cars. Arrived in camp at l a.m.

Sun. Apr. 21. Laid around camp. Packed up and unpacked again.

Mon. Apr. 22. Packed up and left _______ camp. Was transferred to 116 S.L. Made truck Co. at last. Separated from Johnny at last.

Tues. Apr. 23. Went over in a.m. Got gas masks and had gas drill. Went out at night with truck convoy.

Wed. Apr. 24. Was on bunk __ all day. Today went over to see John.

Thur. Apr. 25. Was on detail at gasoline station all day.

Fri. Apr. 26. Detail at No. l warehouse in a.m. Slept all afternoon.

Sat. Apr. 27. Was on detail at noon all day today.

Sun. Apr. 28. Went over to C.C. No work. Laid around all day. Went on guard at night on 9 to ll on 3 to 5.

Mon. Apr. 29. Still on Guard. On 9 to ll 33-5 off at 7 p.m.

Tue. Apr. 30. Was on detail at yards all day C.C.C. left today.

Wed. May l. Was on detail building road to dump in a.m. Hauled in gravel in afternoon.

Thur. May 2. Was on detail at casual camp all day.

Fri. May 3. Was on sanitary wagon all day.

Sat. May 4. Hauled gravel from pit to hospital all day.

Sun. May 5. Was on detail at casual camp in a.m. Layed around in afternoon.

Mon. May 6. Out on road detail only all day. Had lunch on job.

Tue. May 7. Went on K.P. Worked hard all day.

Wed. May 8. Still on K.P. Am sure lonely tonight.

Thur. May 9. Still K.P. This is sure hard work.

Fri. May l0. Still K.P. Don't like it a bit. Received letter from J.R.C.

Sat. May ll. Still on K.P. The work is no easier.

Sun. May 12. My first Sunday on K.P.

Mon. May 13. Still on K.P. Off tomorrow.

Tue. May 14. Was relieved from K.P. today. Nothing to do. Paid of today.

Wed. May 15. Was on yard detail today at M -- Sure pretty lonely

Thur. May 16. On road detail again at l:30.

Fri. May 17. On road detail at H.

Sat. May 18. On road detail at St. G. Sure hot weather here.

Sun. May 19. On detail at _______ Went to sleep. Detail went off and left.

Mon. May 20. Was in charge of road et al at St. G. Wrote to M & M.

Tue. May 21. Co. F. busted all up old Co. goes to ____. Was transferred to B Company.

Tues. May 28. Was promoted to 3rd Class lecture in a.m. Convoy at night.

Wed. May 29. Still in 3rd class. Went to saw mill at 4:30, back at 6:30.

Thur. May 30. Decoration day. No school. Convoy tonight.

Fri. May 31. Was promoted to 4th grade gear shift to actual driving. No convoy.

Sat. Jun l. School in ____ time. Was tried out for driver for front at night.

Sun. June 2. More try out in a.m. Made good. Moved to ______

Mon. June 3. Still here, packed up and _________ Expect to leave tomorrow.

Tue. June 4. Still in Noyers, France. will leave tomorrow.

Wed. June 5. Left Noyers in a.m. Went on trail 2nd class to St. Nazarie. Arrive there l a.m. Slept till 9 in cars.

Thur. June 6. Went out to camp. No l sq. _______________ Had dinner. Left there 6 p.m. Camped on road at night.

Fri. June 7. Went on with trucks to Ancenis. Stayed there at night. Nantes and Angers.

Sat. June 8. On to Saumur. Stayed all night at Saumur. Had supper at C.T.S.

Sun. June 9. Breakfast with 126 F.A. Left Saumur in lead of convoy. Towed one truck and kept in lead camp in Noyers.

Mon. June l0. Left Noyers. Went to Geives. Arrive G. at noon. Clean and oil truck in afternoon. Had supper at R.S. Stayed all night at G.

Tues. June ll. Left Geives loaded with motorcycles. Camped at night in ____________ was on guard 3 to 4.

Wed. June 12. Left Bourges. Went to Montgagis. Camped at night in Montgagis.

Thur. June 13. Left Montgagis onto Leusant. End of trip. Arrived in Leusant at noon. Slept all afternoon. Still eating Corn Willie lamp in truck.

Fri. June 14. Still in Leusant. Was relieved of truck today. _________-

Sat. June 15. Still here. Nothing to do. Nothing to eat. Just lay around. I think we are lost. Heard big guns first time.

Sun. June 16. Another day of laying around. Man from another Co. was drowned today. Was on guard. could hear big guns.

Mon. June 17. Still another day and nothing doing. Am sure getting homesick and disgusted with the whole d___ layout.

Tues. June 18. Layed around camp till 7:50. Then went to Mel___ and stayed all night.

Wed. June 19. Back from Melb___ at 5 a.m. Rolled up our packs and left Leusainal at 6:00 p.m. in Box cars.


Thur. June 20.

Fri. June 21. Arrived Noyes at 8 a.m. Washed clothing and clean up till 4 p.m. Went to P.O. but no mail.

Sat. June 22. Clean up yard in a.m. Slept all afternoon. On wood convoy till 12 p.m.

Sun. June 23. Slept till l0. Got up, bummed around till noon. Went to ball game in afternoon. On guard at ____ 9 to ll - 3 to 5.

Mon. June 24. Still on guard. Walked post on hour.

Tue. June 25. Was on detail at No. l and 2 warehouses. Worked like hell.

Wed. June 26. Nothing doing all day. On convoy all night.

Thur. June 27. Laid around all day on convoy again.

Fri. June 28. Still laying around, always working convoy at night.

Sat. June 29. Fred left today. I go out as second driver on convoy tonight.

Sun. June 30. Laid around all a.m. Rode around in Ford in afternoon. Drove on convoy to St Romania at night.

Mon. July l. Slept all day. Wrote two letters and then went on convoy. From C.C. to Contres to wood pile, back to St. Aignon ind 12

Tues. July 2. Nothing doing all day. Have sure been homesick today.

Wed. July 3. Still doing nothing and still homesick. Played ball in afternoon but am blue just the same.

Thur. July 4. Nothing doing in Co. M. Went to ball game in afternoon. B____ beat 116th.

Fri. July 5. Went out in a.m. as second driver. Took bunch of officers in Contres. Ate dinner at Contres. Work on engine in afternoon.

Sat. July 6. Went out on meat truck as second driver. Hauled meat to Contres in a.m. Sp___ to St. Agnes in afternoon. Went to Y at night.

Sun. July 7. Laid around all morning. Went to ball game in afternoon. Wrote to Marie at night.

Mon. July 8. Laid around after checking up and preparing to leave until evening when went out on truck and hauled rations.

Tues. July 9. Laid around all day until 3, when hauled tents to prison camp. Left Noyers at 5:30. Stayed in depot till 6.

Wed. July 10. Left Depot at 6 a.m. on train all day and all night. Arrive Noisy Le Sec. Leave Noisy Le Sec for 4th Div.

Thur. July 11. Left N.L.S. today. Arrive Me____ at noon. Stayed all afternoon. Arrive Linzy at 7 p.m. assigned to Co. B for rations.

Fri. July 12. Laid around till 7 p.m. assigned to B Co. 4th Supply ___ pitch pup tent. Within 6 miles of front.

Sat. July 13. On truck to ____ with ____ for Inf. Can hear the noise of the battle. In gas danger zone.

Sun. July 14. Hauled load of beef in a.m. Slept all afternoon. Stood retreat first line in 4 months. Write letters in evening.

Mon. July 15. Went to Meax , France on truck. Long range guns bombarding the town.

Tues. July 16. Was on K.P. in daytime. Went up to front at night. Long range guns shelling truck train.

Wed. July 17. Slept till noon. Laid around camp in afternoon. Witnessed the destroying of two observation balloons.

Thur. July 18. Worked at rail head hauling to dump today. Nothing exciting going on.

Fri. July 19. Went up to front again where Germans no more. Hauled wounded soldiers back a night.

Sat. July 20. Slept till l0 a.m. Laid around. __________ All quiet.
Sun. July 21. Laid around all a.m. Went on guard at l p.m. on l to 3 - 7-9 - 1-3. Went out on truck to front. Shells bursting alongside of road.

Mon. July 22. Got in at 4 a.m. Slept till noon. Laid around camp all day. Enemy drove so far back can't hear guns.

Tues. July 23. Still laying around. Mobile Hospital move into Chat. Met two men from Miami.

Wed. July 24. Nothing doing again. Today cleaned up tent and policed up yard. Could hear guns very faint tonight.

Thur. July 25. Help build __ R in a.m. Stood 2 hrs. guard afternoon. Germans still on the run. No ____ for 2 weeks.

Fri. July 26. Worked at Rail head today. Had picture taken with McB and B.

Sat. July 27. Met Fred H___ in hospital. Wounded. Stayed with him all day.

Sun. July 28. Went out. Sig. Bat. Hdqtrs. Hauled load of artillery men to L___ Laid around camp in afternoon.

Mon. July 29. Laid around camp Over to hospital most of the time.

Tues. July 30. Went out on convoy to Front. Hauled troops to 38 and 59 Inf. P_____ 7 more letters at night.

Wed. July 31. Was on K.P. Moving camp. Near _____ right on top of hill.

Thur. Aug. l. Volunteered l more day on K.P. Still up on hill. Expect to move most any time.

Fri. Aug. 2. Still up on hill. Will move tomorrow.

Sat. Aug. 3. Moved today from on hill to another, the other side of Nogent. On K.P.

Sun. Aug. 4. Stayed on Nogent hill today. Nothing doding. Went to town for water.

Mon. Aug. 5. Moved again to Chat____ _____ Camp right in town. Slept in house with only two rooms left in it.

Tues. Aug. 6. Fixed up camp in a.m. Went back to ____ ten to Nogent. Back to ____ Sherry.

Wed. Aug. 7. Went up on hill above town today. Can see way up and down the valley of the Marne. Sure pretty.

Thur. Aug. 8. Went out to Foss__ to see Johnny and found he was in hospital. Wrote letters all evening.

Fri. Aug. 9. Bayer died today first casualty in B. Co. Was on guard from l0-12:20.

Sat. Aug. 10. Explored ruins again today. Had pictures taken up in ruins of chateau.

Sun. Aug. ll. Moved from ____ to Brenx. Pitch pup tents again. Very pretty place.

Mon. Aug. 12. Went out with Sherman for a ride. Back early.

Tues. Aug. 13. Was on K.P. today.

Wed. Aug. 14. Moved to Mazy today. Work with ____ at night. Drove most of the time.

Thur. Aug. 15. Still at Mazy. Nothing doing. Poor camping place.

Fri. Aug. 16. Still at Mazy preparing to move again.

Sat. Aug. 17. Moved today. Stayed all afternoon in Mont____ all night in Se_______

Sun. Aug. 18. Moving on today through St. Fran___ and St. Dizier into Romisaurt camp on Creek Bank.

Mon. Aug. 19. Laid around camp all day. Fixed up camp.

Tue. Aug. 20. Went out with Sherman to St. Bl____. Sure good roads.

Wed. Aug. 21. Moved again up on hill with rest of train.

Thur. Aug. 22. Fix up camp in a.m. Paid off in afternoon.

Fri. Aug. 23. Went out with John H in a.m. work all afternoon on car.

Sat. Aug. 24. Was assigned to John car. Went out l50 mile trip to Mol____ Went through Chaumont under _____________ we stayed all night.

Sun. Aug. 25. Loaded with gas. Started back home. Back at 3:30. Gas up and went right out again.

Sun. Sept. l. Got up at 4 a.m. Moved. Took 59 inf. to __________. We haul ___________ Slept in truck out in woods.

Mon. Sept. 2. Moved from _____ to _________________ Joined rest of Co. about 9 p.m.

Tues. Sept. 3. Drove M_______ car all day from rail head to dump. Signed pay roll at night.

Wed. Sept. 4. Was on K.P. at officers mess. Had some swell eats. No mail for most ___ from M.

Thur. Sept. 5. Work on car until I went out to 47 Inf. Back to ______. Then to lst. Bat. 59 Inf. hauled 2 horses all night. Drove most of time.

Fri. Sept. 6. Got back to camp at noon. Had dinner. Slept till 3. Went out again. Haul rations to 77 F.A. Out all night. Drove again all night.

_______________ wrote two letters. Slept till noon. Got up, had dinner on Post 1-3 of for good. Wrote letters all evening.

Mon. Sept. 9. Work on car when not raining. Went out, moved one camp and headquarters mess out in rain and mud all night.

Tues. Sept. l0. Back to new camp. Awful mud hole built road in the worst rain I ever saw. Went to bed early. No sleep in ____.

Wed. Sept. ll. Was on K.P. where kitchen sets right in mud hole.

Thur. Sept. 12. Moved kitchen onto higher ground. Went out in detail at night, back at 2:30 a.m.

Fri. Sept. 13. Work on road for a while then drove truck to l6 F.A. Some road. Some mud in the ditch rice.

Sat. Sept. 14. Went out _______ load at Div. Dump all day. Went to Mack Bat. back at l0 p.m. ________rail.

Sun. Sept. 15. Went out on detail to R.H. Hauled to 47 Inf. Aeroplane fired on trucks coming.

Mon. Sept. l6. Work on road all day on detail at R.H. at night. Aeroplane raid on town.

Tues. Sept. l7. Was on detail from R.H. to 77 FA until 3 p.m. Cleaned up in afternoon. Had gas mask drill at night. Could not stand mask. Report to Infirmary.

Wed. Sept. l8. Work on road all day. Paid off in afternoon. Gas mask brief again. Had to take mask off again.

Thur. Sept. 19. Work on road all day. Went out to rail head on canal. Hauled clothing to Div. Dump. Jerry raids town.

Fri. Sept. 20. Work on cars. Had gas mask on all day. Hauled rations to 8th Brig. at night in Camp. At l2:30 a.m. Air raid.

Sat. Sept. 21. Was on K.P. today. C_______stone__ to big ________hole. Our car in shop.

Sun. Sept. 22. Went out with truck in open air car. Rain all day. Work from rail head to dump.

Mon. Sept. 23. Work in stone quarry all day. ______ had gas mask drill two hours. Hauled gas until 12:30 a.m.

Tues. Sept. 24. Went out to R.H. at 7 a.m. Work moving dump until 8 p.m. Went to rest up at l0 p.m. Out again all night.

Wed. Sept. 25. Work from R. H. to dump all day. Loaded up at night for advance dump. Left car at forage dump all night.

Thur. Sept. 26. Went out to Mailan court to advance dump _______. 65 C.A.C. back early.

Fri. Sept. 27. Work from R.H. to dump until evening, then loaded up for advance dump. Left car at forage dump all night.

Sat. Sept. 28. Left dump at 5:15 a.m. Went to _____ to advance dump. Stuck in mud. Stayed all night. Our luck nearly froze.

Sun. Sept. 29. Made cup of coffee. Worked until 3 p.m. Got trucks out. Shelling dump started home. Had to take cover. Picked up wounded.

Sun. Sept. 30. Still out on road with wounded from shelled hospital. To ____ to sleep and nothing to eat. Boche trying to shell road hitting alongside of us.

Tues. Oct. l. Still on road out of the traffic and trying to make time. Took wounded to Sorilby. Back to camp. Ate supper and went to bed.

Wed. Oct. 2. Got u at l0 a.m. Had breakfast, packed up, then went to sleep again. Move to ______ in afternoon. Signed pay roll.

Thur. Oct. 3. On guard all day. Today wrote letters in evening. Joined the Army one year ago today.

Fri. Oct. 4. Got up at 5 a.m. Went out to advance dump. Allies got six Aero. trying to shell road with M9.

Sat. Oct. 5. Went up to advance dump. Boche shelling dump again _________________ l truck and drive __________________ Back early. Went to ration dump, load up and to bed.

Sun. Oct. 6. Went to advance dump. No excitement. Home early. Wrote letters all afternoon. Went to bed early. Left N.J. just six months ago today.

Mon. Oct. 7. Went to D_______. Loaded up with salvage, back to L_________ Work on truck all afternoon.

Tues. Oct. 8. Went to advance dump, back to R.H., then to camp for gas. Had big row with John. Did not go out.

Wed. Oct. 9. Was transferred to B. Merino car. Went to advance dump, back at 6 p.m. Wrote letters all evening.

Thurs. Oct. 10. Went to advance dump. Had dinner at Couiy with Signal Bat. No excitement at dump.

Fri. Oct. ll. Hauled from R.H to advance dump. No excitement. One or two stray shells. Moved out _____ tents into Bill.

Sat. Oct. 12. Hauled supplies for Y.M.C.A. from ________to _______. Car broke down at _______ came in on 3 cyl. Fix up and went out again.

Sun. Oct. 13. Went to RH. Loaded. Went to Advance dump. Back to Bethhainville. Loaded with D.B. packs. Back to camp. Lost road. Was out late.

Mon. Oct. 14. Went to advance dump with packs. Picked up wounded. Hauled to Co. 8 Back to camp. Paid off and broke.

Tues. Oct. 15. First saw France 6 months ago today. Went to RH. Laid there till dark. Loaded. Went to Montzeville. Slept in truck.

Wed. Oct. 16. Landed in Brest 6 months ago today. Went on to advance dump. Back at noon. Slept all afternoon.

Thurs. Oct. 17. Hauled load from prop. dump to advance dump. Have sure been sick.

Fri. Oct. 18. Hauled from RH to advance dump. Broke down. Stayed in __________ afternoon. Boche shelling hill along town.


Sat. Oct. 19. Went on sick report in A ____. Did not go out all day.

Sun. Oct. 20. Was on K.P. today.

Mon. Oct. 21. Was on K.P. today. Trucks preparing to move.

Tues. Oct. 22. Worked gas station in a.m. Worked on car all afternoon. Am sure tired tonight.

Wed. Oct. 23. Laid in camp until noon. Went to town. Move ________ to Baley went in afternoon.

Thur. Oct. 24. Work at R.H. at Sou____ in a.m. Loaded at property dump. Went to Vignol. Stayed all night at V.

Fri. Oct. 25. Moved from Vignol to Su___ from _______ Unloaded at night.

Sat. Oct. 26. Made one trip from New R.H. to R.D., then hauled gas to Vignol, then to _oul for gas back to A. then to Ro_____.

Sun. Oct. 27. Got up at 4:30. Haul troops going on leave to ____. Back at ______ No supper until ___ Was drawn for leave.

Mon. Oct. 28. Left camp for a 3 day leave ________ or the train all night.

Tues. Oct. 29. On the train all day _____________________

Wed. Oct. 30. CROSSED OUT. Was assigned to hotel. Some place. This is sure the life. Am having a swell rest. _astaki was on train all day today.

Thur. Oct. 3l. Was assigned to hotel today. Explore town. Am sure having the time of my life.

Fri. Nov. 1. Still on leave. Got out, looked town over. Am sure having some time.

Sat. Nov. 2. Still on leave. Am sure having a hell of a time_____________ a home.

Sun. Nov. 3. Another day of Heaven in Mont Dore.

Mon. Nov. 4. Still here and would love to stay.

Tues. Nov. 5. Expect to leave tomorrow.

Wed. Nov. 6. Got up at 5 a.m. Got on trail but did not leave. Went back. Stayed another night.

Thur. Nov. 7. Went to station l0 a.m. Left 2 in afternoon on train to Clermont. On all night. Slept at ______________

Fri. Nov. 8. Still on train. Don't know where we are going. Think this war is over.

Sat. Nov. 9. Still on train. Have not found out yet where we are going. Slept at Sorcey.

Sun. Nov. l0. Got off train at Sorcey, hiked to town. Stayed all day. Went to camp with 12.

Mon. Nov. ll. Went out on B. l0 at noon. Armistice signed. Hostilities ceased at ll a.m. Stayed all night in St. Mihiel.

Tues. Nov. 12. Drove all over looking for 58th. Back to camp Co. moved. Slept in old barracks.

Wed. Nov. 13. Found Co. at ____. Had dinner. Went out again on ration run.

Thur. Nov. 14. Work at H.H. until noon. On ration run in afternoon.

Fri. Nov. 15. On K.P. today.

Sat. Nov. 16. Went out with Buck to R.H., then to Andily. Went on guard at 4 p.m. - 8-l0 off ____

Sun. Nov. l7. On guard - 2-4 until 8 on 8-l0 off until 2- 2-4

Mon. Nov. l8. Clean up car all day. Who do I see but Johnny. Went out to see him after supper.

Tues. Nov. l9. Went to R.H. One trip to ration dump. Went to St. Julien, back at noon. Out again to R.H. and St. Julien.

Wed. Nov. 20. Stayed in until noon. Loaded with casuals. Went to and ____________________________

Thur. Nov. 21 Car broke down. Stayed in camp until 6. Loaded at property dump. Went to _____ Stayed all night at A.

Fri. Nov. 22. From A. to Cor___, unloaded at Co____. Join rest of Co. This is large German R.H. here.

Sat. Nov. 23. Went out with 3rd Div. Colonel to Thomville Lorraine, back at 9 p.m.

Sun. Nov. 24. Went to __ville for rations, Cold ride and D___ near froze. Saw Geo. G. Smith with 28th Div.

Mon. Nov. 25. Missed reveille and was made to wash all the trucks in camp, except my own. Was not alone.

Tue. Nov. 26. Was sent out on D.S. to Div. H. Got a good _____ out the first thing for not having my coat buttoned. Guess I have forgotten how to be a soldier.

Wed. Nov. 27. Laid around all day. Nothing to do. Went out in evening to Bettenburg. Back at 12 p.m.

Thur. Nov. 28. Thanksgiving day. All I have to be thankful for is that I am alive. Had good dinner but know the folks at home had better.

Fri. Nov. 29. Buck towed in the Major's car and we took it to the supply ___ I stayed with the Co. all night.

Sat. Nov. 30. Had the car fixed and came back on D.S. Hope I stay on D.S. until I get home.

Sun. Dec. l. Did not go out all day. Am sure homesick tonight.

Mon. Dec. 2. Move from _____ to Remick. Went to Remick and back to H____. Stayed all night at H___.

Tue. Dec. 3. Made second trip from St. to Re____. Was just gong to bed when we had to go out again to tow the _________

Wed. Dec. 4. Move from Rem___ to Saarburg. Made two trips. Went to bed and had to get out again at two a.m. and tow a truck.

Thur. Dec. 5. Move from Saarburg. Broke down at ____. Stayed there. Old Bl0 has pulled through many big it places but she is salvage___ now. Stay all night on road.

Sun. Dec. 8. Nothing to do in morning move in afternoon to Barncastle. Got in l a.m.

Mon. Dec. 9. Slept till I got up. Help unload and set up kitchen. Went on guard 4 on 8-l0 2-4 Made an arrest Serious ease.

Tues. Dec. l0. On guard 8-l0 - 2-4 off guard at _____________ billet All evening nothing to do but wonder when we will get home.

Wed. Dec. ll. Move today from Si____ through B_________ to_____________ and ____________ on guard 7 to 9 p.m.

Thur. Dec. 12. 7-9 l-2 of guard. Have sure got a swell place to stay but don't think we will stay long. It is too soft.

Fri. Dec. 13. Laid around ____ all day. Nothing to do. I have sure been homesick since this D___ war is over.

Sat. Dec. l4. Work on B l until noon. Then started to move on road all night through the most beautiful country in the ____

Sun. Dec. 15. Arrive in Adneau at 6 a.m. I think this is one final destination until we start home, which I certainly hope will be soon.

Mon. Dec. l6. Was put on helping Sgt. Mech. today. I think it will be better than helping on a truck. Have sure got a swell place here to stay.

Tue. Dec. l7. I believe this is going to be a good job except that we have to work in the rain. Wrote letters all evening.

Wed. Dec. l8. Was sick all day. Today stayed in Billet, out of rain. Sure wish they would settle things and send us home.

Thur. Dec.l9. Was sure sick today. Went on sick report but feel no better. Help ____ awhile then clean up rifle on guard 6-l0. Had small snow storm.

Fri. Dec. 20. Help _______ change gas tanks all day job. Will write to Marie _______ am sure lonesome for her.

Sat. Dec. 21. ___ on K.B. ________ was sure _______ sick but ____had to work just the same.

Sun. Dec. 22. Was out with Di Marino to l7th F.A. The country around here is sure pretty. It is snowing here________ that is not take _____.

Mon. Dec. 23. Did not work today. It was because they could not find anything for me to do, though I guess I sure hate this whole D___ outfit.

Tues. Dec. 24. Was out to ll U.G. with ____. Made two trips. Had run in with orderly. R___ staff. Was home one year ago today. Wish I was there now.

Wed. Dec. 25. Xmas Day. No work. Had good dinner and fairly good time all day, but couldn't help but think of ____ I met Marie. Was on K.P. ________

Thur. Dec. 26. Was out with Chrisman to l7th F.A. Sure lots of snow on the ground and sure ____ makes me long for sunny Cal.

Fri. Dec. 27. Went out with M. Beth to l6 F.A. Sure cold wind blowing. Went out in afternoon to 39th Inf. Back to Co. to stay all night.

Sat. Dec. 28. Went out with Skinner to 39 Inf. Was so high up that I was above the clouds. Got stuck in the mud and now.

Sun. Dec. 29. Went out with Wigh___ in a.m. to 39th Inf. Out to 47 Inf. in afternoon. Was paid off today. Paid Buck l00 x Sherman l00. Was late for reveille. 3 day K.P.

Mon. Dec. 30. Started on my 3 day K.P. Am sure homesick tonight. No mail from Marie since Nov. l9th.

Tues. Dec. 3l. Was on K.P. 2nd day of my fine for missing revellie. They left a large space here. I guess it was so I could say in strong language what I thought of l year in the army. Will say this finishes one year and all I can say is that it has been l year of Hell and I sure don't intend to put in another year here.


Jan. 1, 1919. Started the New Year by being on K.P. 4114 last day of a 3 day fine.

Thur. Jan 2, 1919. Started out with Skinner. Changed and went out to 47 Inf. with Doutrish. Missed a long trip. On guard l0-2

Fri. Jan. 3. l919 Slept until I got up, walked around till noon. Wash clothes all afternoon and wage war on cooties.

Sat. Jan. 4. l919 Went out with Sherman in a.m. to ll m.g. Nothing doing in afternoon. Wrote to Marie in evening.

Sun. Jan. 5. Clean up in morning until ll. Went to R.H. with Bogden _______________________ load coal in afternoon. Was paid off.

Mon. Jan. 6. Went out with Bogden to 16 F.A. in a.m. Hauled coal in afternoon from billet to R.H.

Tue. Jan. 7. Did nothing ____ today. Had a big row with Sgt. Horn for not moving out of billet. Work on cars in afternoon.

Wed. Jan. 8. Clean cars all day. Company was sized up. It sure looks like we are going home soon.

Thu. Jan. 9. Went out with Skinner Co. l6 F.A. in a.m. Worked on car in afternoon until it starts to rain, then quit.

Fri. Jan. 10. On guard 2-6 in morning. Did not do anything all day. Slept till noon. Sent Roster to M & M Bess. A.A.L. & A.C. Wrote to Aunt Allie.

Sat. Jan. 11 Work on truck in a.m. On truck till 2 in afternoon. Lay around in afternoon and clean gun.

Sun. Jan 12. Nothing to do all day. First Sunday we have had all day off since we have been over here.

Mon. Jan. 13. On K.P. today. This damn K.P. is coming pretty regular. Asked to be assigned to B. 9 with Schultz.

Tues. Jan. 14. Went out with Mylin to l6 F.A. _______ night and the hills were sure pretty. Work on truck in afternoon.

Wed. Jan. 15. Was assigned to B.9 Went out in afternoon to haul gravel for _________. Think am going to get along all O.K. with S.

Thur. Jan. 16. Went up to F.H. N. 21 for exam of arm. Was trans. to ______ Will report in a.m. for x-ray picture of arm.

Fri. Jan. 17. Reported to hospital at 7:00. Went to Hospital. Had x-ray picture taken of my arm. Back to Company.

Sat. Jan. 18. Went out on B-9 in a.m. Work on car in afternoon. Got letter from mother. That sure made ________

Sun. Jan. 19. Another Sunday with nothing to do all day. Slept all morning. Went up to hospital in afternoon. No report as yet. Have sure been homesick today thinking of time at home.

Mon. Jan. 20. On guard 2-6. Did not do anything all day. Slept until noon. Went to hospital in afternoon. No report as yet. JRC on his way home.

Tue. Jan. 21. Work on truck in a.m. Had inspections and drilled in afternoon. First time I have drilled in l0 months. Went to hospital. No satisfactory report yet.

Wed. Jan. 22. Went out with Shults to l6 FA in a.m. Helped Bill Morrisson in afternoon haul to new baker. Went to show at Y.

Thur. Jan. 23. Went to 47th Inf. in a.m. Made front for truck. In afternoon snowed all day and I am sure homesick tonight.

Fri. Jan. 24. A cold dreary day. Did not do anything all day. Went up to hospital at noon. Must report in a.m.

Sat. Jan. 25. Left Adenau & Co. at noon. Was admitted to ______ Hospital. __________ Don't know yet what they will do to me.

Sun. Jan. 26. One whole day in the hospital. Doctor looked my arm over in a.m. but did not say anything.

Mon. Jan. 27. Another day in the hospital. Have not decided yet wheat can be done. Had show here in afternoon.

Tues. Jan. 28. Well, guess it is all off. Dr. says nothing to do but just let it go. Was listed to go home but Col. spoiled it all.

Wed. Jan. 29. Lay around in hospital until after supper. Then have to _________________ to No. 2 Stay one night there.

Thur. Jan. 30. Move from Evac. 8 at Mayeu to L.C. at _____ Stay in ________ till 4:30. Went to __________ stay all night at _________.

Fri. Jan. 31. From Rec. Camp at C____ to Sup. ____ ____. Stayed all night in Clotten with C. Co.

Sat. Feb. l. Reported back to Company from Clotten back to old Billet 3l just as noisy as ever.

Sun. Feb. 2. Co. had inspection but I did not stand. Am sure goldbricking on my arm ___________

Mon. Feb. 3. Went out on B to Kelberg to l6 F.A. Went to show at Y in evening. Had a rough time over the slum for dinner.

Tues. Feb. 4. Work on Ford in a.m. _______________

Wed. Feb. 5. On ________ today.

Thurs. Feb. 6. Work on McBath Car B l4 in a.m. Paid off at noon. Goldbrick all afternoon.

Fri. Feb. 7. Went out to l6 F. in a.m. With B. 12 hauled gravel in afternoon. Sure cold all day.

Sat. Feb. 8. Went out on B 3 to l6 F.A. Stayed out there for dinner. Slept all afternoon. Went to show at Y.

Sun. Feb. 9. Laid around all day. Nothing to do. Took a walk around in afternoon. ____ this A.O.O. Am sure disgusted and homesick.

Mon. Feb. 10. Went out to l6 F.A. With Sherman in a.m. Drove Ford with Lt. Warren to _______. Wish to God I was home.

Tues. Feb. ll. Help Lengulon B. 25 in a.m. In shop _____ Elliot and 2 haul lumber all afternoon for barracks. Guess we are doomed to stay here ____________

Wed. Feb. 12. Reported with B-9 to Headquarters. _______ did not want ________ back and slept the day away. Went to movies at Y. in evening.

Thurs. Feb. 13. Went out to l6 F.A. B-9 _______________ _____________________ baby tonight.

Fri. Feb. l4. Did no go out work on truck cleaning and greasing truck all day.

Sat. Feb. l5. Guess I am on B9 for good gain. Went out ____ in a.m. Hauled coal one load in afternoon. Wrote to Jay C.G.

Sun. Feb. l6. Slept until 8. Haul lumber from R.H. to W. St. all day.

Mon. Feb. l7. Went to 47 Inf. with wood in a.m. Haul ration from R.H. to warehouse all afternoon. Wrote to Dad in evening.

Tues. Feb. l8. On K.P. loaded sure work hard.

Wed. Feb. 19. Went to Coblentz to football game noon. Around ________ until 6 p.m. Sure a hard trip. Nearly sick.

Thurs. Feb. 20. ___________ broke ___ came back to camp. Slept till 3 p.m. Went out to ______ stay all night.

Fri. Feb. 21. Hard trip in from Honing is up on hill above Adenau. Sun is shining and it is sure a fine day. Wrote letters all evening.

Sat. Feb. 22. Haul bread tol6 FA in a.m. Work around town in afternoon. Like hell this is the end.

Sun. Feb. 23. Another Sunday with nothing to do. Am sure homesick. tonight think of Sunday at home. On guard from 2-6 a.m.

Mon. Feb. 24. Did not work. Slept all a.m. Went to hosp. of 47 Inf. Will go to hosp. in a.m. for Re-classification.

Tues. Feb. 25. Went to 21. Did not go out. Stayed around there all day. Don't know what this is going to come to.

Wed. Feb. 26. Lay around hospital 21 all day. Went to Co. at night. I hope ___ help if I don't quite it will ruin me yet.

Thurs. Feb. 27. Another day in F. 21.21. Went to Co. in afternoon and in evening expect to leave in a.m. Did not do it today with Gods help. I will be a better man.

Fri. Feb. 28. Was transferred to ____________ had exam. Will have another in a.m.

Sat. Mar. l Had my final exam today. Don't know yet what class I am assigned to.

Sun. Mar. 2. Left F.H. 28 went to Lu____ Ross stayed all night, then went to church.

Mon. Mar. 3. Left L.R. at 9 a.m. Went to S.L.A Hdqtrs. Stayed there all day. May have 2 ___ here. God helps those who help themselves.

Tues. Mar. 4. ______________ all day. Wrote to mother tonight.. Sure hope they send me home.
Wed. Mar. 5. Still _____________ Clotten. Did again. Am going back to Co. for G. Duty only.

Thur. Mar. 6. Still around Clotten. Don't know when will get back to _______. This is a pretty place on Mordle River.

Fri. Mar. 7. From Clotten to Adenau in Dodge. Ernie broke and tran. to F. Was paid off. Back to Company for light duty.

Sat. Mar. 8. Put in my time in a.m. _____ afternoon one ______. Did not do anything but fool around the cars. Sent P. & P. to mother, Maria, Bessie and Mack.

Sun. Mar. 9. Slept until l0 a.m. Nothing to do all day. Am getting along good.

Mon. Mar. 10. Was on K.P. today. May get K.P. regular. It is not a bad job.

Tues. Mar. 11. Goldbricked all day. Didn't do a thing.

Wed. Mar. 12. Was on K.P. again today. This is my light duty.

Thur. Mar. 13. Another day on K.P. It isn't such a bad job.

Fri. Mar. 14. Another day on K.P.

Sat. Mar. l5. Had the day off. Made a bed. That is all I did.

Sun. Mar. 16. ___ on K.P. Spent most of my time at billet. Raining and dreary.

Mon. Mar. 17. St. Patricks Day. K.P. again. Snowing and dreary. Am sure homesick. D

Tue. Mar. 18. Still on K.P. Another dreary day. Didn't do it. Had a hard session at night.

Wed. Mar. 19. Still on K.P.

Thur. Mar. 20. Had a day off. Slept till l0 a.m. Went up. Cooked myself some eggs and had a quarrel with s & N. .

Fri. Mar. 21. Another day off. Slept until about 9. Got up. Bummed around all day.

Sat. Mar. 22. On K.P. again. Took a bath at night and didn't do it. Heard I would get the Ford.

Sun. Mar. 23. Went to Cobleng with Schultz on a B-9. Went up in 2-l/2 hours. Sure pretty trip. Back at 3 p.m.

Mon. Mar. 24. Took over Ford and went to _____ coming back broke down stayed there for 4 hours. Was towed into __________. Was sure cold.

Tue. Mar. 25. Left C.R. _____ slept until I got up. Bummed around until noon. Work on Ford in afternoon.

Wed. Mar. 26. Work on Ford all day. Got it running. Did. Raining and dreary.

Thur. Mar. 27. Work on Ford again. ___ on putting on top.

Fri. Mar. 28. Raining and snowing all day. Didn't do anything all day.

Sat. Mar. 29. Was on K.P. Still snowing.

Sun. Mar. 30. Slept until 9:30. Got up. Stayed in billet all day. Still snowing. Wrote letters all evening. Am sure homesick tonight.

Mon. Mar. 31. Went out to l6 F.A. on B. __ With DeMarino ___ a.m. Hauled gas in afternoon. Did Hughes said I was going home soon. I sure hope so.

Tues. Apr. l. Clean up and loaf all day. Expect to leave for home any day.

Wed. Apr. 2. Took Ford to Hdqtrs. to Salo. It came back wet. ____ back at 9 a.m.

Thur. Apr. 3. Was trans. to F.H. 21 today. Lay all night there. Hope I am on my way home.

Fri. Apr. 4. Another day at F.H. 21 in Adenau. Went over to Co. at night.

Sat. Apr. 5. Left F.A. 21 for Evac 27. Coblents. Arrive there noon. Put in Evac ward.

Sun. Apr. 6. Left St. S.A. ___. Lay around _____ Nothing to do but sleep and eat. May go home. Don't know.

Mon. Apr. 7. Still in Evac 27. Plenty rumors of leaing. .

Tues. Apr. 8. In Evac 27 Yet went over to Com. in a.m. to ____ at night.

Wed. Apr. 9. Still in Evac 27. Don't know when we will leave. Went to town in evening.

Thur. Apr. 10. Still in Cob. Go to town every day. Nothing else to do.

Fri. Apr. ll. Moe from one ward to another. Went to town again in afternoon and evening.

Sat. Apr. 12. Still here. Wish they would ship us out. Went to town.

Sun. Apr. 13. Went to town in afternoon. Met ______________ Stayed all night in town. F.4 Lobbentz.

Mon. Apr. 14. Got back to Hospital at 9 a.m. I didn't go out again until evening.

Tues. Apr. 15. __________________________ I stayed all night.

Wed. Apr. 16. Came to hospital at 9 am. Stayed til l. Go to town without pass.

Thur. Apr. 17. Left Evac. 27 9 a.m. Left Coblantz ll a.m. Homeward bound, I hope.

Fri. Apr. 18. Still on train. Somewhere in France on Red Cross train.

Sat. Apr. 19. Still on Red Cross train. Somewhere in France. Talk about a slow train.

Sun. Apr. 20. Arrive _________ 4 a.m. _____ to RN 119. Hope this is last hospital.

Mon. Apr. 21. Still at B. ll9. Went out on _____________ I never got close.

Tues. Apr. 22. Still at Hospital. Went in before Dr. and filled out a bunch of papers. I think I will make home all O.K.

Wed. Apr. 23. Still at B.H. ll9. Don't know when we will leave.

Thur. Apr. 24. Still here. Wish they would send us out. Nothing to do.

Fri. Apr. 25. Still here. Am sure sick. If they don't send me out pretty quick I will be a bad patient.

Sat. Apr. 26. Had cramp all last night that I would croak.

Sun. Apr. 27. Still here. Really leaving. Took walk around camp. Went to shower in evening.

Mon. Apr. 28. Still here. Don't know when will leave. Took hike around camp in evening.

Tues. Apr. 29. Still __________ Took hike around camp. R. suppose to leave but didn't.

Wed. Apr. 30. Still here. Nothing to do but eat and sleep.

Thurs. May l. Still in hospital. ___ was on convoy to leave then taken off.

Fri. May 2. Still here. Got ready to go but didn't go.

Sat. May 3. Hospital bath but did not leave. Don't know when will leave.

Sun. May 4. Don't know why we don't go.

Mon. May 5. __________ off today in _________ in over a year.

Tue. May 6. D_____ over clothing but didn't go.

Wed. May 7. I guess we aren't going.

Thur. May 8. Still here. Don't know when we will leave.

Fri. May 9. Am really disgusted with this place.

Sat. May 10. Still here. Nothing to do.

Sun. May 11. Slept all a.m. Went to town in afternoon.

Mon. May 12. Still here. Will leave Wed.

Tue. May 13. Drew new clothes. Had inspection. Will leave in a.m.

Wed. May 14. Left Hospital ll9 5 a.m. ______ Boarded troop ship Mercy. Left France at 4 p.m.

Thur. May 15. On the water homeward bound. Having pretty rough water.

Fri. May 16. Another day on the water. Work in kitchen l hr. Not a bit sick.

Sat. May 17. Still on the water. Think this is going to be a long trip.

Sun. May 18. Working in galley for rest of trip.

Mon. May 19. Quit work at l p.m. Still a long way from home.

Tue. May 20. Went to work in gallery at l. Not hard word. Get plenty to eat.

Wed. May 21. _______________ in a.m. Expect hit N.Y. Saturday.

Thur. May 22. ______ ship in and work in kitchen afternoon.

Fri. May 23. Worked in kitchen afternoon.

Sat. May 24. Work in Kitchen in a.m. Will land tomorrow morning.

Sun. May 25. _______________ cold ___ about 8 a.m. The Old Liberty and N.Y. sure looks good. Went to Hospital. Sure a swell place.

Mon. May 26. No clothes but sure a swell stop right in N.Y

Tue. May 27. Draw clothes. ____ 12 hour pass. Hiked around town and went to show.

Wed. May 28. Went to George Susskind's home. Met some girls. Sure had swell time.

Thur. May 29. Went out at noon around town. Went to supper at Bill's hotel and Palace Theater at night.

Fri. May 30. _______ Went on boat ride up Hudson all day, back to hospital and show after supper.

Sat. May 31. Girls came to visit in afternoon. Went out to their house in the evening. Sure had a swell time.

Sun. June 1. Took the girls to shop in afternoon. Floss and I to George's in evening.

Mon. June 2. Cross Hudson from New York to Jersey City. Dinner in Philadelphia at 4 p.m.___________________ ____________________________

Tue. June 3.

Wed. June 4. Woke up. Had breakfast in Cornell Bluf ____ cross river to Omaha, cross Mississippi River. Stay in Omaha about an hour. Had dinner just out of Omaha. Had supper at Grand Island, Neb. Went to bed in Neb.

Thur. June 5. Woke up in Wyoming. Had ___ in Wllcott. Still in Wyoming for ______ supper in Echo, Utah. Stay an hour in Ogden, on to Salt Lake about 8 p.m.

Fri. June 6. Stay at hospital all day. Went to town in evening. Wrote to mother.

Sat. June 7. Stayed at hospital in a.m. Out to ______ in afternoon.

Sun. June 8. ________ hospital. Out to Saltan.

Mon. June 9. On K.P. Salt ___ in evening. Did.

Tue. June 10. Went before band visit in evening.

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