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How to obtain copies

Photocopies may be made if, in the judgment of the staff, reproduction will not damage the materials. In some cases staff will make the photocopies depending on the material to be copied. Microfilm reader/printers are also available for client use. Library users assume all liability for copyright infringement.

Duplicate prints of photographs are available for purchase. Negatives always remain the property of the Riverside Public Library and are not sold. To purchase a copy of a photograph clients must complete a photo order form. Orders typically take two weeks, longer if a special size or crop is required. Full payment is required at time of placing order.

Reproduction & Use Fees

Reproductions from the collections are available according to the following policy, procedures, and fee schedule. Some materials may not be available for copying due to physical condition or other restrictions. Reproductions are sold for personal/reference use only and may not be displayed or published without payment of appropriate fees (see below). All responsibility for questions of copyright that may arise in copying and/or use of the copies must be assumed by the user.


  Commercial Non-profit, Student
Photocopies .25/page .25/page
Photocopies, color    
8 ½ x 11 or 14 1.00 1.00
11 x 17 2.00 2.00
Scanned copies, b/w:    
regular paper 1.00/page 0.50/page
high quality 3.00/page 1.50/page
glossy 7.50/page 4.00/page
Scanned copies, color:    
regular paper 2.50/page 1.00/page
high quality 5.00/page 3.00/page
glossy 9.50/page 7.50/page
Microfilm copies (by staff) 1.00/page 0.50/page
Copy negatives, b/w or color, 35mm
(The copy negative is retained by the RPL)
20.00 15.00
Copy negatives, b/w or color, 4 x 5 20.00 15.00
Print, b/w or color, glossy:    
3 x 5 10.00 5.00

5 x 7 15.00 10.00

8 x 10 20.00 15.00

11 x 14 25.00 20.00

12 x 18 30.00 25.00

16 x 20 40.00 35.00

Prints, b/w, matte

3 x 5 12.00 7.00

5 x 7 17.00 12.00

8 x 10 22.00 17.00

11 x 14 27.00 22.00

12 x 18 32.00 27.00

16 x 20 42.00 37.00

Additional Prints (same size/image/order) 30% discount

Sepia toning (all sizes) 25% surcharge per photograph

Slides, 35mm 10.00 Slide duplicates 5.00


4 x 5 25.00 22.00

12 x 18 & larger 40.00 37.00

Other Fees

Minimum shipping & handling 5.00/order (domestic)

(Other charges may apply for overseas shipments or express mailing orders)

Rush order within 4 working days 25% surchargeRush order within 3 working days 50% surcharge

Use Fees

All use of photographic reproductions from the collections of the Riverside Local History Resource Center is subject to the appropriate use fees as indicated below. Exceptions are made when a reproduction is used for research/reference purposes and in-home display (including gifts intended for in-home display only). A publication/display fee is charged for publication, display, or other commercial use of each image.

Fees listed are for one-time, non-exclusive use. These fees are separate from, and in addition to, any other applicable charges. In the case of publication use, we request two copies of any published work that contains material from the collections of the RPL.

Editorial Use:

For editorial use within books, periodical, and other published works:

For profit use:

Circulation/run less than 10,000 $50.00/photo

Circulation/run 10,000 or more $100.00/photo

Non-profit use:

Circulation/run less than 10,000 $5.00/photo

Circulation/run 10,000 or more $10.00/photo

Exhibition or Display Use:

For profit use:

In offices, public spaces, restaurants, private galleries, and retail spaces $25.00/photo

Non-profit use:

In Libraries, museums, schools, and other organizations

No charge

Electronic/Film Use:

In video, film, cd-rom, computer pages, etc.

For profit use: $100.00/photo

Non-profit use: $10.00/photo

Non-Editorial/Advertising Use:

Includes television advertisements, book covers, unbound materials, postcards, posters, brochures, and other materials.

For profit use: $250.00/photo

Non-profit use: $10.00/photo

 Other Commercial Use:

Negotiable, subject to approval by RLHRC staff.

Videotaping, Digital Photography, Etc.:

Filming or videotaping of images at our facility must be scheduled in advance and fees can be negotiated with the staff beforehand.

All photographic reproductions must carry the appropriate credit line where applicable. Other credit may be necessary. Staff will advise.

The rights to all images reproduced by the RLHRC are retained by the Riverside Public Library. All liability for use of images reproduced by the RLHRC, either personally or commercially, shall rest with the client. No liability concerning usage of images shall rest with the Riverside Public Library.

Orders will usually be completed within two weeks. Full payment is required at time of placing order. Make payment to the Riverside Public Library. The above fees include sales tax and are subject to change without notice. Payment required in cash, cheque, or money order. No credit cards accepted.

Procedure for completion of Application for Permission to Publish & Request for Reproduction

Anyone desiring to use an image housed in the Riverside Local History Resource Center must fill out a Request for Reproduction (LH/29). An Application for Permission to Publish (LH/34) is also required if the image is to be used for physical publication or similar electronic use.

These forms include personal information about the applicant and a declaration of the intended use of the material, including type of publication and format of the image(s) to be used (media, display, personal use, etc.). Additional questions relate to how the image(s) are to be used (commercial or nonprofit use) which will determine what fees will be charged (see Fee Schedule). The material requested, either for reproduction or for publication should be described, along with the call number and accession number of the image in question. The quantity of images should be noted and the size of each image required should be listed.

Both forms carry a disclaimer, which requires a courtesy credit line to be used for every image that is published or displayed, either for commercial or nonprofit use.

Included on the forms is the statement that all rights to images reproduced by the RLHRC are retained by the Riverside Public Library. Any liability incurred through the use or publication of the image rests solely with the client.


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