:: Wallace J. Miller: Watercolors and Pen and Ink Collection

Paintings and drawings are of the City of Riverside between 1895 and 1897. The collection documents businesses, hotels, stables, blacksmith shops, and scenic views of Riverside and the surrounding area. The collection consists of 60 paintings, all of which were created by Wallace J. Miller.


Wallace J. Miller was born in Ohio circa October 1862, and died in Los Angeles (Calif.) on Dec. 23, 1921. In his mid-twenties, he married Wilma B. Mayhew, and the two lived in Coronado (Calif.) with her parents because he wasn't able to financially support their marriage. Then, in mid-1895, he was accused of counterfeiting money and it went to trial, but he was eventually released as there wasn't enough evidence to support the allegations. Soon after the trial, he arrived in Riverside (Calif.) where he stayed for approximately two years and painted advertisements for businesses on and around Main St. Prior to Miller's return to San Diego in the fall of 1897, he donated the paintings to the Riverside Public Library.

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wjm02_Ed_E_ Miller - Glenwood Stables.jpg

wjm03_Watson and Miller - Fresh and Dried Fruits, Vegetables, etc.jpg

wjm04_Ottley Papineau - Harness Shop.jpg

wjm05_Miller - The Cash Jeweler and Optician.jpg

wjm06_Cypress Point - Monterey.jpg

wjm07_S_L_ Wight - Carpenter and Joiner.jpg

wjm08_Rance and Dolph - The Denver Restaurant.jpg

wjm09_J_S_ Baker - Manufacturing, Repairing, Engraving, Diamond Setting.jpg

wjm10_G_C_ Poore - Gem Bazar.jpg

wjm11_H_L_ Miller - The Ark House Furnisher.jpg

wjm12_G_G_ Kennard - Store and Window Awnings.jpg

wjm13_Mrs_ L_E_ Allen - Ladies' Art Room and Hair Dressing Parlors.jpg

wjm14_William L_ Peters - Carriages and Wagons.jpg

wjm15_A'Fleck and Ormand - Plumming and Tinning.jpg

wjm16_Goodwin and Thomas - California Cultivator and Poultry Keeper.jpg

wjm17_Bayley Brothers Harness, Whips, Robes, Horse Goods.jpg

wjm18_Shiels and Sons - Plumbers, Gas-Fitters, Tin and Metal Workers.jpg

wjm19_A Chinese Gardener's Mansion.jpg

wjm20_Mathews - Ladies' Exchange.jpg

wjm21_W_M_ Bartee - O_K_ Stable.jpg

wjm22_G_D_ Allen - Sporting Goods.jpg

wjm23_Sebrell - The Druggist.jpg

wjm24_Untitled (Garden).jpg

wjm25_M_L_ Stanton - Manufacturing Jewelry and Optician.jpg

wjm26_Ward and Davis - Undertakers and Embalmers and Artists' Materials.jpg

wjm27_W_B_ Preston - Riverside Stables.jpg

wjm28_Weck - The Prescription Druggist.jpg

wjm29_Bulkeley and Palmer - The Columbia Market.jpg

wjm30_Louis Crawford - Willie's Coffee House, etc.jpg

wjm31_W_H_ Stuhlman - Riverside Cyclery.jpg

wjm32_Scene in San Antonio Canon.jpg

wjm33_M_L_ Lawrence - Riverside Horse-Shoeing Shop.jpg

wjm34_Heath and Morrison - Prescription Druggists.jpg

wjm35_Mills and Difani - Blacksmiths and Carriage Builders.jpg

wjm36_Pratt and Angell - The Fair.jpg

wjm37_Chris Belton - Eighth Street Meat Market.jpg

wjm38_In Pauma Creek Canon.jpg

wjm39_H_K_ Strock and Son - Grocers.jpg

wjm40_W_S_ Collins - The Rambler Cyclery.jpg

wjm41_J_C_ Hardman - City Pharmacist.jpg

wjm42_W_ Henderson - Columbia Bakery.jpg

wjm43_C_O'Connor - Practical Horseshoer.jpg

wjm44_Stephen Squire - Mortician.jpg

wjm45_Riverside Business College.jpg

wjm46_Reflex Publishing Company.jpg

wjm47_E_F_ Binder - Cigar Manufacturer.jpg

wjm48_Dr_ E_B_ Howe - Dentist.jpg

wjm49_Three Brothers Yosemite.jpg

wjm50_H_D_ Noland's - Riverside Dairy.jpg

wjm51_General View of Yosemite Valley.jpg

wjm52_N_P_ Benson - Boot and Shoe Maker.jpg

wjm53_J_M_ Drake - Bookseller and Stationer.jpg

wjm54_C_ McDermont - Fashion Billiard and Pool Parlors.jpg

wjm55_Stebbins and Armington - Merchant Tailors.jpg

wjm56_Strawberry Valley, San Jacinto Mountains_ A Popular Summer Resort.jpg

wjm57_C_H_ Davidson - Dealer in Eastern Oil and Gasoline.jpg

wjm58_W_J_ Miller - Artist and Illustrator.jpg

wjm59_J_B_ Delagrange, Proprietor - The French Laundry.jpg

wjm60_W_ Menzel, Proprietor - Hotel Magnolia.jpg

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