:: Water Company Records

We own several small collections of records and papers dealing with local water resource development and water companies. From the beginning, water was vital to the very survival of Riverside. Over the first few decades of the town's history, a variety of small water companies came into being and served different geographic areas until they were brought under the control of City Public Utilities in the mid-1960s.


East Riverside Water Company

This company served what is now Highgrove and the Northside neighborhood of Riverside. It was acquired by the City in 1966. The collection consists of the following: two ledgers, 1887-1924 and 1895-1903; 2 journals, 1895-1902 and 1902-1911; one cash book, 1946-1956; and one minute book, 1962-1966.


Orange Acres Mutual Water Company

This collection consists of three ledgers: 1935-1945, 1930-1934, 1938-1946, plus miscellaneous statements, receipts, and correspondence.


Kyes Water Company

This is one Consumer Register, 1907-1913


Riverside Water Company Scrapbooks

Consists of two scrapbooks -- one covers 1883-1901, and the other 1886-1887.


William Irving Papers

William Irving, son-in-law of Matthew Gage, was the engineer in charge of the construction of the Gage Canal, which made citrus ranching possible on thousands of acres in Arlington Heights. Irving later served as manager of the Riverside Trust Company (with headquarters in London), and practiced as an attorney. The collection consists of correspondence, publications, reports, and legal documents.



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