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Shades of Riverside Makes Your History Accessible

Many people are afraid of history, but this should not be the case, because history belongs to us all. When we tell our own stories, or our family's stories, we participate in history, for history is the story of us all.

When members of our community came together in the summer of 1998 to participate in Shades of Riverside, they brought in their family photographs and the stories behind those photographs. They explored their own histories and learned that personal photographs are not just private documents, but also important primary sources in a larger history, as well as potentially valuable resources for scholars, researchers, and the general public. Often the only images of our community we see are filtered through the eyes of journalists, government officials, chambers of commerce, and others with their own agendas and perspectives. Shades of Riverside helps to balance the public record by showing a view of what the people themselves think is important about their own lives and experiences and how they want to be remembered. These photographs and the stories behind them are all a part of our City's history. Collectively they help to tell us how our community came to be what it is today and can give us insight into how it may evolve in the future.

The Shades of Riverside photographs, together with the many archival and manuscript materials at the Riverside Local History Resource Center, contain important information about our past – what really happened, how, and why. These materials contain information that is used continuously and indefinitely: "kept to be used, but never used up." Their value to us increases steadily each year because the information they contain remains fresh and accurate, while our memories do not.

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