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The Rubidoux Building Company Records consists of several books and a few folders documenting its business activities from its inception in 1891 to its dissolution in 1925 -- with some material post-dating the company's main period of activity. Frank Miller, W.A. Purington, M.J. Twogood, and various members of the Evans family had at one time or another served as directors of the company which dealt with real estate matters in the City of Riverside during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The collection is in poor condition, with some of the volumes in need of rebinding. At this time, it is recommended that the collection be handled as little as possible due to its fragile nature.

The collection is 1.5 linear feet and is contained in three boxes.

Historical Background

The Rubidoux Building Company began business in 1891. According to the 1891 Articles of Incorporation, the company's purpose was to purchase and sell Riverside real estate and construct buildings for sale or lease. The company began with a capital stock of $100,000 divided into 1000 shares worth $100 each. Early directors of the company included W.A. Purington and Mission Inn owner, Frank Miller. The company's directors later amended the articles of incorporation in 1913 to include such expanded duties as hotel management; nursery stock and fruit trees business; the shipment and packaging of fruit; the canning and drying of fruit; and the acquirement of water rights, bonds, stocks, and claims related to real and personal property. The directors had earlier changed the amount of capital stock to $10,000 in 1907.

The Evans family participated in the company throughout its existence. As well as being stockholders, family members assumed other responsibilities: P.T. Evans as secretary, W.C. Evans as manager, and Christine Evans, as its last president. At the end of its existence, Evans family members had filled all positions as directors at the Rubidoux Building Company. By February 1925, the company dissolved, with P.T. Evans, the principal shareholder, assuming the company's stock and any future liabilities. Some of the material in the collection documents the transaction of property by P.T. Evans and his wife, Christine, after the company had terminated business as a distinct entity.

Scope and Content

The Rubidoux Building Company Records consists of five series. The time period covered ranges from 1891 to 1958, though most of the items are from the early 20th century. Series I consists of documents relating to the issuance of stocks. Series II consists of legal documents, principally the by-laws and minutes. Series III consists of financial documents which detail business transactions, but only from the early months of 1924. Series IV is a business scrapbook, and would perhaps hold the most interest for researchers. It includes such items as handwritten entries, newspaper articles, and blueprints. Series V contains a single resignation letter from E. Kingman.

Series Description

Series I: Stock Documents

Series I consists of three volumes of stock related information. The items in this series date from 1891 to 1925. A look through the stock ledger reveals such well-known names as Evans, Hays, Miller, Purington, and Tetley. Most of the entries date from the first ten years of the company's existence. The stock certificates volume contains many of the original stock certificates now cancelled. The pages in this volume have come loose from their binding.

Folder 1: Stock Ledger

Folder 2: Stock Journal

Folder 3: Stock Certificates

Series II: Legal Documents

Series II consists of two volumes. Folder 1 has the August 1891 by-laws handwritten in the volume. Folder 2 consists of a book of minutes from the meetings of the company directors and occasionally, its stockholders. The book dates from 1891 to 1925.

Folder 1: By-laws

Folder 2: Minutes

Series III: Financial Documents

Series III consists of unbound pages detailing business transactions. The pages appear to be from a volume, and only contain business information from January 1924 through May 1924.

Folder 1: Unbound volume

Series IV: Scrapbook

Though titled a sales book on the cover, this bound volume appears to be more like a business scrapbook or journal. The book dates from 1922 to 1958 with entries concerning the Rubidoux Building Company; various Evans family members, notably P.T. and Christine Evans; and Citizens National Trust and Saving Bank.

Folder 1: Scrapbook

Series V: Correspondence

Series V consists of a single resignation letter written by E. Kingman dated from 1902.

Folder 1: Kingman's Resignation Letter

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