:: Purkart Blueprint and Lined Drawing Collection


This collection consists of over 130 lined drawings and blueprints, including topographical, residence, business, tract, and landscape designs. The majority of the items date from 1941 to 1959. Some of the homes represented in the drawings are still standing, and when compared to the drawings, can demonstrate the evolution of a particular home. The work of the architects, draftsmen, and civil engineers represented in the collection reveal a wide range of talent, and gives the researcher a glimpse into the architectural world of this era. Many of the items have neither dates nor names. However, many of the plans make note of the home's owner or location. Some of the areas covered in the collection include Corona, Rubidoux, and El Centro, as well as the City of Riverside.

The collection consists of approximately 130 drawings and blueprints.


Named after the seller of the material, the Purkart collection was purchased by the local history office of the Riverside Public Library from Josef Purkart of Josef's Books. The original source of the materials remains unknown. Many of the architects, draftsmen and civil engineers such as William F. Mellin, William Lee Gates, Martin N. Williams, Carrington H. Lewis, Kenneth J. Cook, Warren H. Atwood, J. F. Davidson, Walter C. See, William M. Bray are found in the collection and worked locally. Some of Bolton Caldwell Moise Jr.'s work (designer of the Riverside Main Library building) is included in this collection.

Scope and Content

Organized by designer, the blueprints and lined drawings consist of over 130 items. The items date from 1926 to 1994, with most dating from the 1940s and 1950s. The single series collection has 7 folders broken down by artist (if there are three or more drawings in the collection), folder 8 consists of topographical drawings, and the remaining folder contains unknown drawings presumably by local architects.

Series Description

The single series consists of approximately 134 blueprints and lines drawings. Arranged by architect, draftsman or civil engineer (with three or more drawings), topographical and miscellaneous (single drawings). Of special interest are blueprints by Bolton Caldwell Moise Jr., architect for the Riverside Public Library Main Branch. Dates range from 1926 to 1994, but the majority are between 1941 and 1959.

Series I – Blueprints and Lined Drawings

Folder 1 Atwood, Warren H.
Folder 2 Bray, William M.
Folder 3 Gates, William Lee
Folder 4 Lewis, Carrington H.
Folder 5 Moise, Bolton Caldwell
Folder 6 Rudolph, William L.
Folder 7 See, Walter C.
Folder 8 Topographical Drawings
Folder 9 Miscellaneous

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Klotz, Esther and Joan H. Hall. Adobes, Bungalows, and Mansions of Riverside, California, 1985.

Patterson, Tom. A Colony for California: Riversides First One Hundred Years, 2nd Edition, 1996.

Purkart Collection Blueprint & Lined Drawing Inventory

Architect William Lee Gates

Cover Site Plan / Plot Plan – Portion of Washington Square, Division "B" Book A, Page 11 San Bernardino County

  • #1 Site Plan

  • #2 Foundation Plan
  • #3 Floor Plan
  • #4 Material Schedule
  • #5 Exterior Elevation & Sections
  • #6 Interior Elevation Plan
  • #HV-1 Heating & Air Conditing
  • #E-1 Electrical

Architect Art L. Jacobson

Residence for Mr. & Mrs. Ben Thompson
Sedgwick Ave. and Prince Albert Drive [ND]

Architect Carrington H. Lewis

Floor Plan #3 [ND]

Floor Plan #5 [ND]

Foundation Plan #2 [ND]

Architect William F. Mellin

Grand Manor - Grand Ave.
Job #393 10-12-1951 #1-16

  • Plot plan – tract overview
  • Grand Ave./Meadow Brook Lane
  • Serrano Ave. / Normandie Lane

Architect Bolton Caldwell Moise, Jr.

Residence for Dr. & Mrs. Hobart Kelly

  • Preliminary Elevation Drawing (4 views)
    February 1950
  • Preliminary Plan Study
    December 1949
  • Preliminary Plan Study
    February 7, 1950
  • Plot Plan / Roof Plan Sheet #1
  • Room Finish Schedule Sheet #3
  • Elevation Plan Sheet #5

Architect Walter C. See / Martin N. Williams

Residence for Mr. & Mrs. D. A. Kustner
____ Chapman Place, Riverside
June 1941

  • #1 Key Plan,
  • #2 Floor Plan
  • #3 Detail Plan
  • #4 Elevation Plan
  • #5 Roof Plan
  • Roof & Plot Plan
  • Elevation & Direction Blueprint

Residence for Philip A. Kustner
____ Prince Albert Drive, Riverside

  • [ND] #1
  • [ND] #2
  • [ND] #5
  • [ND] #6

Topographical Maps & Drawings

Map – December 1957
Portion of Lot 285, Map Book "B", page 53
Grand Ave./Wilton Ave./Wilton Place #1 of 2

Map – December 1957
Portion of Lot 285, Map Book "B", page 53
Grand Ave./Wilton Ave./Wilton Place #2 of 2

Map – March 1958
Portion of Lot #19, University Knolls, Map Book 18, page 10
Riverside County

Map - Block 11, Range 4, City of Riverside Map Book 1, page 16
Records of Riverside County

Map – December 1957
J. F. Davidson, Civil Engineer
Grand Ave. / Wilton Place/ Rubidoux Drive

Map – Portion of Block 11, Range 4, City of Riverside
July 1958 3428 11th Street / Alleyway


Plot Plan for Dr. & Mrs. I. J. Condit
[ND] No name

Roof and Plot Plan for Lot 3
Mt. Rubidoux Park Unit #2
_____ Glenwood Drive [ND]

Mini Plot Plan
Mt. Rubidoux Drive
Map Book 19-99

Jack's Fire Tent Plan
December 10, 1994 #7 of 7

Jack's Fire Tent Plan
December 10, 1994 #6 of 7

Construction detail - concrete block wall - no address
July 1958

Rio Verde Terrace - Tract Map - Book 8, page 19, Records of Riverside County
MB 31/17

Rio Verde Terrace – Tract Map
Milford Rd/Pinehust Drive/Grand Ave/Brighton Dr./Bandini Ave.

Rough drawing of tract in Victoria Ave. and Arroyo Drive area.

Sprinkler Plan for area of Jackson Street and LaFayette Street (Park?)
Cost estimate

Fisher Garden, landscaping and pool

Landscape Drawing (J. F. Davidson Parking area noted lower right corner)

Landscape plan for 10th Street business (Blueprint/Drafting offices)

Landscape plan - backyard with pool
Dr. Schlotter and address 4947 El Molina noted

Local History