In 2013, there were more than 571 homeless individuals in the City of Riverside. Many homeless suffer from hardships. Americans continue to give millions directly to panhandlers every year. Panhandling changes nothing and the homeless continue to hurt.

Change how you give and give to real change instead. Donations made to the Riverside End Homeless Fund will support homeless programs to help homeless individuals become self-sufficient.

Donations will go directly to support social services such as case management, education and employment, clothing, housing and medical care.

Don't give change. Give to change.

To Pay by Check: Riverside Ending Homelessness Fund, 2880 Hulen Place Riverside, CA 92507


Donate Household Items to Newly Housed Individuals & Families

Each individual placed into housing needs necessities for their new home and the list below outlines the types of items that individuals and families need to start this new chapter.

If you’re able, donations can be made to the City of Riverside Homeless Access Center by arranging an appointment with Ali Hariri, Project Coordinator at [email protected] and (951) 826-2430.

Please also ensure that if donations are slightly used, that they are cleaned and washed.

  • One new set of towels (bath and kitchen)
  • One set of plates
  • One set of utensils
  • Small set of cook ware and/or cooking utensils
  • One spray bottle of all-purpose cleaning spray
  • One canister of cleaning wipes or similar
  • Sponges or similar cleaning materials
  • Dusting Rag
  • Small Spice Set
  • Small Lamp
  • Can Opener
  • Trash Can and Liners
  • Laundry basket (hard type preferred) or storage bin with top
  • Laundry soap
  • Shower curtain
  • Shower curtain rod