Community Engagement Plan

Partner: Riverside Community Health Foundation https://rchf.org/

Plan Description: The Community Engagement Plan (CEP) utilizes several strategies and activities to ensure the success for community engagement. RCHF will establish a Community Engagement Workgroup made up of all Project Leads, a Collaborative Stakeholder Structure (CSS) including Partners and community members, and will implement a community evaluation plan utilizing Community Outreach Workers and Promotoras (community members trained in healthcare issues to help educate and engage the community). Evaluation methods will include at least 32 focus groups, 40 community conversations, pre- and post-ECC survey questionnaires, and one-on-one interviews with residents. RCHF will also host four Resident Leadership Academy (RLA) cohorts to provide residents with training on topics related to climate change, public health, and civic engagement, culminating in resident-led community improvement projects in support of Eastside Climate Collaborative goals.