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Hole Lake Area Fire

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Incident Name: River Bottom

Date Reported: 10/26/2020

Time Reported: 1708

Incident Location: Lake x Randolph

Ward #: Ward 7 Hemenway

Type of Incident: Vegetation Fire

Incident Number: 20-31316

Control Time: 2100

Fatalities: 0

Critical: 0


Minor: 0

Non Injury: 0

Displaced Persons: 0

Loss: 0

Save: 0


  • Cause under investigation
  • Evacuations: 0

    Evacuation Comments: 0

    Resources Assigned

    Chief Officer(s):

    Engine Companies:

    Truck Companies:




    Safety Officer(s):

    Public Information Officer(s):

    Fire Investigator(s):

    Overhead Personnel:

    Mutial Aid:

  • No Mutual Aid Received
  • Specialized Equipment:



    Red Cross:

    Percent (%) Contained or Completed: 100

    Total (%) of Perimeter that will be Contained:

    Incident Size Acreage: 5

    Current Situation

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    On Monday October 26th at 5:08 pm the City of Riverside Fire Department responded a vegetation fire 1st alarm response to the area of Lake x Rudolph for reports of a vegetation fire in the open land are behind the homes. Engine 7 arrived on scene to find a 1 one-acre vegetation fire with multiple spots in light to heavy fuels in a drainage area in the field. The fire was moving at a rapid rate of spread due to the Santa Anna Wind conditions and spotting ahead of itself. Several fires in palm trees in the residential neighborhood, outside of the main fire perimeter, were also on fire. The incident was upgraded to three alarms. The incident was named the River Bottom Fire and Battalion 2 assumed Incident Command.  A total of eight engines, one brush engine, one water tender, two chief officers and two overhead support staff responded to the incident. The fire was approximately 5 acers. Several homeless individuals were evacuating the area upon arrival. The fire originated in a homeless area, however, after investigation the cause of the fire was undetermined. Numerous hazardous trees were mitigated during the incident for firefighter safety and overhaul. There were no firefighter injuries and no equipment damage. There was no damage to the residential neighborhood.

    Assisting Aid Agencies

    Incident Commander: Kodat

    Prepared By: Kodat

    Date / Time Posted: 10/27/2020 0600

    Information Center: 951.826.5321