City Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Requirements

Organization's Information


Sponsorship Request




Additional Documents Required

Submit this completed application with the following:

  • A current list of your organization’s Board of Directors and appropriate affiliations
  • Copies of the organization budget and event budget (revenue and expenses). Include any funds from a Community Development Block Grant, City Arts Grant Program, Sponsors or in-kind contributions
  • If applicable, a list of the event’s sponsorship opportunities (e.g., name/logo listing, banner, ad, reserved seats, etc.)


Supplemental Data

What are the measurable target objectives that will be used to determine the success of the festival, special event, community project or program(s)? (Please state your objective in terms of concrete numbers and percentages where possible. For example: increase number of participants from Y to Z in the 200X parade; increase customer satisfaction from Y% to Z%. You may utilize the fields provided below to include Year / Objective / Numbers. Please provide a copy of the survey or other measurement tool that is utilized by your organization to assess outcomes.


Objective Past Year Event (2017) Past Year Event (2018) Past Year Event (2019) Current Year Event (2020)
Increase Number of Participants 100 175 200 350
Participant Satisfaction 80% 82% 90% 95%
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