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Priority-Based Budgeting (PBB)

What is Priority-Based Budgeting (PBB)?

PBB takes a new, comprehensive approach to align the City’s budget to the City’s strategic plan (anticipated completion in October 2020). The City has partnered with ResourceX to implement PBB as the next step in our citywide strategic planning process. PBB aims to identify and determine the cost of all City programs and align our budget with the strategic priorities set by the City Council and answers:


Three Critical Questions


What do we do?


What does it cost?


Does it align with our strategic priorities?


PBB starts with department users completing an inventory of all City programs, identifying associated revenue and costs, and determining how closely each program aligns with the Council’s priorities. This process will ultimately produce citywide insights about all programs offered and help the City make decisions about how to allocate resources, increase revenue, and enhance City programs.



This Process is Broken Down into 5 Steps

1. Program Inventory – Determine all programs and services we offer.


2. Program Costing – Allocate line-item cost/revenue to programs, identify true cost of programs.


3. Identify Results – Answers the question of “What do we want to achieve?”


4. Program Scoring – Assign scores to programs based on alignment with Council’s Strategic Priorities and the City’s Strategic Plan.


5. Take Action & Apply the Data – Use program insights to optimize our resources for maximum program efficiency. Utilize our findings to unlock



Strategic planning process, first identify our priorities for the next 5 years. City council direction. Next, program insights, apply our findings to optimize our resources for program efficiency. Next, budget development, develop a budget based on strategic priorities and program insights.


Why priority-based budgeting now?

As a follow-up to our strategic planning process, the next steps are to identify our programs and their associated revenue and costs, align the programs to the City Council’s strategic priorities, and create program insights to help us make decisions for the allocation of City resources during future budget cycles. Allocating resources in this manner is known as priority-based budgeting. By reviewing programs and City resources through the lens of the strategic plan, we can create a budget that directly supports the achievement of our strategic priorities.


What does the timeline look like?

Our goal is to wrap up the PBB process by December 2020 when the next year’s budget process will begin.


Please feel free to share your comments and ideas regarding priority-based budgeting.


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