Get Ready to Grow

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

A four-week introduction to building a customized growth plan for your business!

Are you ready to grow your business? This series is for you. Over a four-week period, you will learn how to identify when you are poised to expand and put together your plan for growth as you evaluate your KPIs, benchmarks, teams, and customers, and put together your plan to take your business to the next level. You will learn how to de-risk expansion and get involved in proactive growth.

This is a hands-on program that will take you through all the steps of a growth strategy, in 60-minutes, over a four-week period, all while you enjoy your lunch!

Join one or join them all!

Session 1: Your Growth Plan | Wed, Sept 07 @ 12-1 PM
• What does growth mean to you? Identifying the key drivers of growth in your business
• What goes into your growth plan?
• How to conduct market research to validate your vision?
• What KPI’s/KPA’s you should establish to ensure you achieve your vision?

Session 2: Your Cash | Wed, Sept 14 @ 12-1 PM
• Do you maintain adequate cash flow?
• What do your numbers tell you?
• How to run an analysis and evaluate your revenue streams?
• How do you accurately project outgrowth and stress test for an effective growth plan?
• What are your funding options?

Session 3: Your Customers | Wed, Sept 21 @ 12 – 1 PM
• What is your marketing strategy?
• Who are your customers?
• Where are you marketing? Where should you be marketing?
• What is your sales cycle telling you?
• How to analyze your sales and marketing channels?

Session 4 – Your People | Wed, Sept 28 @ 12 – 1 PM
• How to evaluate your workforce?
• Who are your key people and what do they do?
• Where are their weak points/gaps?
• How do they compare to the industry?
• What kind of resources/subsidies are available for hiring new employees?

Contact Information

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