Bid # 7360 - Bid Details

Please review the Project Description and the specification documents below. Bid and RFP responses should be submitted as outlined in the specification documents. In order for a submittal to be responsive, the company submitting must be subscribed to this project with their name shown on the Electronic Bidders List (Current Planholders List) below. No subscriptions to a project will be valid or recognized after the response period has ended. For questions about technical aspects of a project please refer to the contact noted in the project documents. For questions about the bidding process, please call the Purchasing Division at (951) 826-5561.





Oct 03, 2017 2:00 PM PDT

All Prospective vendors submitting a proposal must be listed on the "Electronic Bidders List" by subscribing on the City's website If the Proposer is not listed on the Electronic Bidders List the bid will not be considered.

Any questions pertaining to the items, specifications and/or scope of this bid should be directed to Thuy Nguyen email: BEFORE 4:00 P.M. on the date corresponding to 3 business days prior to the
Bid Opening date.

Bids are to be uploaded at before 2:00 p.m. PDT October 3, 2017. The time and date are fixed and extensions will not be granted. Bids not received electronically before the bid event time will not be accepted. Hard copy proposals will be rejected.
Reminder: Upon submitting a bid, an automatic notification will be sent to the current email address saved to that account on the bidding website and the Submittal Status will change to “Submitted”.

The Project entails street widening and street surface rehabilitation on
Arlington Avenue from the Westerly City Limits to Fairhaven Drive. The improvements generally
include, but not limited to, excavation and compaction of native soil, cold milling, new and overlay of
asphalt pavement, new street lights, and new pavement markings and signing.

Bid Package:

Document Name Size Post Date
Engineers Estimate.pdf 16.6 Kb 8/29/2017
Notice Inviting Bids.pdf 32.9 Kb 8/29/2017
Addendum No. 1.pdf...(Document locked) 267.4 Kb 9/25/2017
Construction Plans....(Document locked) 6891 Kb 8/29/2017
Specifications.pdf...(Document locked) 5405.5 Kb 8/29/2017