RFP # 1725 - Bid Details

Please review the Project Description and the specification documents below. Bid and RFP responses should be submitted as outlined in the specification documents. In order for a submittal to be responsive, the company submitting must be subscribed to this project with their name shown on the Electronic Bidders List (Current Planholders List) below. No subscriptions to a project will be valid or recognized after the response period has ended. For questions about technical aspects of a project please refer to the contact noted in the project documents. For questions about the bidding process, please call the Purchasing Division at (951) 826-5561.




Oct 12, 2017 4:00 PM PDT

•	Have at least three (3) years’ of experience, within the past three years under a legally registered business name, in providing services of a similar type and scope as described in the Scope of Services (“Services”) (Exhibit “A”).  Have not filed for bankruptcy under any business name over the past five (5) years.
•	Have registered as a “Planholder” on the City’s electronic Current Planholders List.  Companies can register at:


•	Once registered, Companies must subscribe to this RFP under their name in order to appear on the Bidder’s List as a “Prospective Bidder.”  Companies that fail to specifically subscribe to this RFP will not appear on the Bidders’ List and will be unable to participate or be considered for this RFP.
•	If applicable, Company and/or its key personnel, shall hold an appropriate license for the Company’s discipline and the Services on the date the Proposal is submitted.
•	If applicable, Company shall have registered with the Department of Industrial Relations and any other required organizations

All requests for clarifications, changes, exceptions, deviations to the terms and conditions set forth in this RFP must be submitted via email to Jairo “JC” Cortez at jcortez@riversideca.gov.  The subject line should reference the RFP number and title.  

If a Company is unable to register or download the RFP from the bidding website, a representative may contact the Purchasing Department at (951) 826-5561.

The City is seeking a proposer that will provide a comprehensive review and planned approach to addressing the expiring contracts, rates and regulatory changes, the City desires to hire a private consulting firm to review the current practices, programs and disposal operations and develop recommendations to facilitate both immediate and long term plans to implement best practices and sustainable programs for the future.  The intent is to not only meet State mandates but also to set goals to ensure long term needs can be met with efficiency and maximum customer satisfaction.          
Solid Waste Commercial services is provided through three existing franchise agreements for private hauling services: Athens Services, Burrtec Waste Industries, and CR&R Waste Services.  The rate for services is set by the City and all franchised commercial haulers offer the same services; they do not have boundaries within the City. The contract requires permanent bin service, temporary bins/roll off box service, construction and demolition program, commercial cart service for small quantity generators, multi-family bulky item pick-up, service for City facilities and other duties under operations and billing, and transportation of waste and greenwaste materials to the Robert A. Nelson Transfer Station. Recyclables are not required to be taken to the material recovery facility at the Agua Mansa MRF located at the Robert A. Nelson Transfer Station.  The selected Company shall provide the services required in Exhibit A, Scope of Services, attached hereto and incorporated herein.

Bid Package:

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