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Riverside, Calif. – To ensure that as many of its residential and commercial customers take advantage of its free water conservation program as possible, Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) has chosen to extended its free high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles giveaway.

The program provides access for all RPU water customers to enter their account information at and receive a voucher redeemable at a local irrigation supply store for a free set of high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles made by Toro that use up to 20% less water per nozzle without adjustments to sprinkler run times.

“Simply by installing these free nozzles, customers can reduce their outdoor water use,” said RPU General Manager Girish Balachandran. “With such a simple and effective water conservation program available, we wanted to extend the program to make sure all of our customers had a chance to participate.”

The program usually runs from February through June, but with the need to encourage customers to save more water at home and at work as severe drought conditions persist, the deadline to apply for the free voucher was extended until further notice.

To date, the program has provided more than 215,000 of these water-efficient sprinkler nozzles to Riverside customers, which provide annual water savings of more than 200 million gallons. Residential customers can receive up to 25 free nozzles, while commercial customers can receive up to 100 per voucher.

Commercial customers with large landscape areas or multiple accounts may request a “master coupon” for all of their properties to make it easier for them to redeem their nozzles. These lists must be verified by RPU’s Customer Relations staff prior to issuing.

In addition to participating in this and other water conservation rebate programs RPU offers, residential customers can supplement the number of high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles they need for their properties with the RPU’s Sprinkler Nozzles rebate program. Complete details are available at or by calling (951) 826-5311.

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