The City of Riverside is looking for qualified men and women to fill current vacancies within the department.  Opportunities are available for special individuals capable of meeting the demands of an exciting career in law enforcement.

Becoming a member of the Riverside Police Department gives you the opportunity to be part of one of the most respected agencies in the country.

The Riverside Police Department is recognized world wide for it's innovation and leadership in law enforcement.  The department has developed procedures and tactics which have become the standard for many other agencies.

Riverside is looking for men and women who can meet the multi-faceted challenges of a law enforcement career and contribute to the department's long standing tradition of teamwork, professionalism and pride.

It takes a special person to join the ranks of the Riverside Police Department.  A tremendous amount of responsibility and trust is invested in each member of our department.

To take part in one of the above listed testing schedules, please submit an application with the City of Riverside's Human Resources department prior to the listed application date.  For more information, please contact Human Resources or the Riverside Police Department's Personnel and Training Division at (866) WORK-RPD.

A physical agility test, designed to test for a minimum level of fitness, is required of all police applicants. For more information about the Physical Agility test, view the Physical Agility Test Video.


Representatives from the department will be present at the above location(s) to answer any questions you may have regarding employment with the Riverside Police Department.

Your career should provide a challenge,
an opportunity to prove yourself.

It should instill confidence -
a powerful ally in breaking new ground.

It should be flexible, offer diversity and provide tangible results.


The City of Riverside was founded in 1870 as a citrus and agricultural community.  In over 130 years the city has grown into a commercial and industrial center yet has retained the spirit and beauty of its agricultural roots.  Today, Riverside is the county seat of on of the fastest growing and vibrant areas in the country.  Centrally located within a short driving distance of the mountains, desert, and coastal areas of Southern California, Riverside offers a relaxed and safe lifestyle for you and your family.

Riverside has a population of over 244,000 people spread over an area of approximately 100 square miles.  An excellent school system including three major universities and one community college, along with numerous parks, offer a wide range of opportunities for education and recreation.  All areas of the city can be reached through the extensive public transit system, and the two Metro-link terminals offer easy access to the Los Angeles areas and the beaches of Orange county.

Riverside is proud of its rich history including the Parent Navel orange tree, which was the genesis of the Southern California citrus industry, and the Mission Inn, an unique architectural attraction that is a state historic building and still operates as a working hotel.  Numerous shopping centers, the state's larges auto center, and the convention center help to provide a solid tax base.  Residential neighborhoods nestled among tree-lined streets offer affordable housing and a pleasant style of living.

Riverside is a city proud of its history but stepping boldly into the next century.  A chartered city run by a city manager and the city council, Riverside offers diversity, challenge, security, and opportunities for the future.

Riverside Police Officers have the opportunity to participate and train in the following disciplines:

SWAT Unit Helicopter Pilot-Observer Crime Free Multi-Housing
Motor Officers School Resource Officer Accident Investigations
Detective K-9 Handler Training Officer
Background Investigations Narcotic Investigations Gang Investigations

Civilian personnel have opportunities to participate in the following areas:

Cadet Program Public Safety Dispatcher Records Specialist
Parking Enforcement Crossing Guards Volunteers


To take the first step towards becoming a Riverside Police Officer, please follow the link below to Employment Opportunities.  You may also telephone (866) Work-RPD.  A representative from the department will contact you soon.

[Employment Opportunities]