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The Boy Scouts of America sponsors Explorer Programs in a wide variety of professions, including Fire Fighting, Medical Professions, Chemistry, High Adventure, and Law Enforcement. The Riverside Police Department participates Riverside Police Explorers work dozens of events throughout the year, including the Traffic Safety Fair held at Riverside's Castle Park.in the Police Explorer program through our Explorer Posts established at our main Field Operations stations.

The Riverside Police Department Explorer Post is a group of young people, ages 14-21, who have an interest in learning about law enforcement as a possible career. Explorers learn A Riverside Police Explorer entertains at an event as Officer McGruff.about the law, court procedures, police patrol techniques and organizational skills.  Upon meeting requirements, Explorers are allowed to ride along in the field with a patrol officer and respond to police calls, participating in the normal routines of community policing and interacting with the community.  This provides an opportunity for Explores to get a first-hand perspective of the reality of modern law enforcement.

The Explorer program is designed to build character, develop lExplorers Bailey and Chasse preparing to post the colors for the Family Safety Festival at Longfellow Elementary School in the Eastside Community of Riverside.  eadership skills and potential, develop an appreciation for community service, and develop good citizenship habits.  Explorers take part in events such as children's finger printing, Kids Expo's, McGruff the Crime Dog visits, Traffic Safety Fairs, Galleria At Tyler patrol, security for the annual Orange Blossom Festival, Mt. Rubidoux Easter Sunrise patrol,  and other special events within the community.

The Post's Advisory staff is made up of sworn officers from the Riverside Police Department who volunteer their time to participate in the program.

The Riverside Police Department is looking for males and females who want to become part of our organization. We're seeking people who are eager to learn about police work, leadership and service to the community. High school students in the Honors program can use their service in the Explorer Post as part of their community service hours required for graduation.

The bi-weekly meeting include such activities as physical fitness training, uniform inspections, visits to the County Jail and County Coroner's office, patrol operations training (vehicle traffic stops, pedestrian checks, fundamentals of Police officer safety), report writing,  and Community Oriented Policing.

The following qualification must be met for participation in the program:

For more information, please call (951) 351-6159, or provide the following information and we'll contact you via email.

Would you like to have the Riverside Police Explorers at one of your events?  The Explorers can provide personnel for events for parking control, flag presentations, child fingerprinting and more.  For more information, please send an e-mail to the Webmaster, and he'll have an Explorer representative contact you.

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