What are the operating hours for the Police Front Counters?
Front counters are located at 4102 Orange St, Riverside, CA 92501 and 10540 Magnolia Ave. Ste B, Riverside, CA 92505. The Front Counters and non-emergency Telephone Report Unit are open from 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., Monday- Friday. 
Can I make a police report over the phone?
The Telephone Report Unit handles non-emergency police reports that are primarily for documentation purposes.  Assault or other violent crime reports cannot be reported over the phone. These calls must be handled by Police Officers.  The Telephone Report Unit can be contacted by calling (951) 826-5314.  You may also come into the Orange Street or Magnolia Ave Police Stations to  file these types of reports.
Can I make a police report using my computer?
Yes, the Riverside Police Department Online Reporting System handles non-emergency police reports that are primarily for documentation purposes. We currently accept Illegal Dumping, Lost Property, Theft, Trespassing, Vandalism, and Vehicle Burglary online. Assault or other violent crime reports cannot be reported on a computer. These calls must be handled by Police Officers.The Riverside Police Department Online Reporting System can be accessed by going to http://www.rpdonline.org/report .
Who can get a copy of a report and how much does a report cost?
NOTICE: Effective July 1, 2011 new prices go into effect for certain services.
Traffic Accident Reports:
$12 per report
Reports are released to registered owners of involved vehicles, involved person (s) and insurance companies of involved person (s).
All other Police Reports:
$0.60 for the first page and $0.10 for each additional page
Police Reports are public records, however, not subject to total release to the public.  The Public Records Act allows for release of some information, but there are many exemptions from release.
  1. Reports involving juveniles may be released to custodial parents, however, there are exemptions that many not allow juvenile reports to be released without a Juvenile Petition signed by the presiding Juvenile Judge.

  2. Involved parties (primarily victims) are authorized for receiving a copy of a report.  If the release of information may jeopardize your case- we may not release it without the authorization from the assigned detective.

  3. Most report requests are for insurance purposes and are subject to release to victims for that purpose.  The Police Department may redact confidential information prior to a release of a copy of a report.  Prior to coming to the Front Counter to request a copy of a report, it is best if you contact the Records Bureau at (951) 826-5700 - Option #2 - to make sure that the report has been received and is available for release.

Does the Police Department provide fingerprinting services to the public?
Appointments for Livescan (electronic) fingerprints for the public can be made by calling (951) 826-5700 - Option #2.  Appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at both the Orange St and Magnolia Ave Stations. You must have a Livescan Application Form provided by the agency or organization requiring your fingerprints.  The form should provide an ORI # and Billing Code and must be completely filled out prior to your fingerprint appointment. Your fingerprints will be electronically processed to the State of California and/or Federal Bureau of Investigations. Children are not allowed in the processing areas and cannot be left unattended in the police lobbies.
How much does it cost for fingerprinting?
The Police Department charges a $10 fee for fingerprinting. Additional fees may be charged to the agency/ organization requesting the fingerprints and will be billed directly to them.
How do I get my vehicle released after it has been towed by the Police Department.

Vehicles Towed for Parking violations:

There is a $60 administrative fee for the release of vehicles towed for parking violations, expired registration, safekeeping etc.

The registered owner of the vehicle will need to come to the Police Department Front Counter to obtain a Vehicle Release Form to present to the storage yard.  The owner must have a valid drivers license or a person with them who does, and the vehicle registration must be current.  In the event the registered owner cannot be present, the Police Department will accept a Notarized letter authorizing a person designated in the Notarized letter to claim the vehicle.  In the event the owner is in jail, a signature from the Deputy or other official representative from the jail will be accepted provided there is a name and phone number for that individual provided so the Department can confirm it's authenticity. 
30- Day Impounded Vehicles:

The administrative fee for a 30 day hold is $255.

Vehicles impounded for violations including driving without a valid drivers license or driving with a revoked/ suspended license are not available for release for 30 days.  You can call (951) 353-7986 to schedule a storage hearing or for specific questions regarding your stored vehicle.

Can I talk to an officer or detective at the Front Counter?

Officers and detectives are not assigned to the Front Counters. In cases of emergencies an officer will be dispatched to the location. It is highly recommended to make an appointment if you need to speak with a Detective.

I don't agree with a parking ticket I received. How do I appeal the citation?

To Contest your Citation:  Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 40215, you may contest the citation within 21 calendar days of issuance by WRITING A LETTER requesting an Initial Administrative Review.  You must provide the reason you feel the citation was issued in error and include copies of all applicable documentation relating to your appeal.  Documents submitted will not be returned.  Mail your appeal to:  City of Riverside, P.O. Box 3808, Tustin, CA  92781-3808.  Please provide your complete mailing address, as you will be notified by mail of the result of your Initial Administrative Review.

Can I pay for a parking ticket on-line?

You can pay for a parking ticket on-line at www.pticket.com/riverside.   You can also pay by telephone by calling (800) 418-4110 – enter 7483 when prompted to enter the first four letters of the city.

How do I file a restraining order? 

There are numerous types of restraining orders that can be filed at the Front Counter of the Police Department.  To file a restraining order, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Bring the Restraining Order to the Police Department in person;
  2. The Restraining Order must be the original red court-stamped certified copy;
  3. File the Restraining Order in the city in which you live;
  4. The Restraining Order may also provide you with instructions to file in the City where you work;
  5. Provide the Police Department with the Proof of Service and/ or Order After Hearing Orders to add this information into the State systems.

If the Restraining Order has not been entered by the Court that issued the order, the Riverside Police Department will enter the information from these documents into the State of California Domestic Violence Restraining Order System.  Please bring as much information regarding the person (s) being restrained as possible.

Do I need a permit to have party? 

You do not need a permit to have a party unless you are requesting to block streets/traffic (i.e. Block   Party). you can get further information by calling 951-826-5312 or if you are in the city of Riverside limits by dialing 3-1-1.

Do I need a permit to have a garage sale? 

You do not need a permit to have a garage sale, however there are specific regulations governed by Riverside Municipal Code Chapter 5.49.

What do I do if I want to evict somebody from a rental property?

This is a civil matter and the police department does not get involved unless there is criminal activity. For more information on the civil process to evict a tenant, call the Civil Evictions Bureau at 1-800-321-0911.

Can I get crime statistics for property that I am interested in purchasing or renting?

Yes.  "Calls for Service" information can be provided by the Crime Analysis Unit.  Requests can be made by calling (951) 353-7620, submitting an electronic request to Crime Analysis or mailing a request to the following address:

Riverside Police Department
Crime Analysis Unit
10540 Magnolia Ave, Ste B
Riverside, CA 92505

For what time periods can I get crime statistics? 

"Calls for Service" information is readily available in our newest system beginning January 1, 2002.  Historic information can be obtained between 1993- 1999; however, more time is required to compile the data.

What does it cost to get crime statistics?

There is a fee of $80 for a computer generated data report for a specific address, with information broken down by Uniform Crime Reporting classifications and crime type.  For more information on reporting and statistics by Area within the City, please visit  the Crime Analysis webpage.

How long does it take to get the Crime Analysis information I requested?

Depending upon Department priorities, it generally takes 7-10 business days to prepare a response once the payment is received.  However, additional time (5-7 days) is added to the preparation time when requesting data between 1993- 1999.  If the Crime Analysis Unit is involved in an emergency project for the Field Operations or Investigative Divisions, the request may take longer.




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