The Management Services Division provides essential police related support for the department and the citizens of Riverside.
Management Services includes:
Records                         Fiscal Management        Accounting Unit
Court Services              Fleet Maintenance
         Facilities Management  
Alarm Enforcement      Grant Unit 

Fiscal Management Fiscal Management is responsible for the preparation and administration of the department's budget, grants, asset forfeiture funds, payroll, and accounting.

Accounting Unit The Accounting Unit processes all requests for purchases and payments and assists in budget preparation. This unit is also responsible for account reconciliation and the processing of bimonthly payroll for department employees. This unit arranges for travel to training schools and conferences for department employees.

Court Services The RPD Court Services Unit (CSU) is responsible for the coordination of subpoenas and court appearances. The CSU was created in 1994 to reduce unnecessary court related overtime costs. The Unit processes more than 15,000 subpoenas annually and acts as a liaison between the department and the Riverside County District Attorney’s office. CSU staff works directly with the Deputy District Attorneys and Officers to relay current case status and information and to call-off Officers from cases that have been continued or are no longer on the court calendar.

Fleet Maintenance The Fleet Maintenance Unit oversees the vehicle preventive maintenance program for all police department vehicles. This program ensures that police vehicles are inspected, maintained, and repaired on a regular basis. In addition, staff from fleet maintenance work closely with the city purchasing department to make certain that bid specifications are sent to qualified vendors and that the bids submitted are fairly evaluated.

Fleet MaintenanceThe Fleet Maintenance Unit also researches new police vehicle equipment for technical efficiency. The Riverside Police Department currently maintains 376 police vehicles.

Facilities Management The Facilities Management Unit is responsible for building maintenance in the three main police facilities and several off-site facilities.

Alarm Enforcement Detail The Alarm Enforcement Unit tracks departmental responses to business and residence alarms in Riverside.

City Alarm Ordinance Information

Grant Unit The Grant Unit is responsible for grant research and development, financial report documentation, grant monitoring including expenditures and revenues, and department compliance in the use of grant funds. The Grant Unit is also the principal liaison for grant monitoring and financial audits  inspections.

The Police Department has been successful in obtaining federal and state grant funds over the past several years. These funds allow the department to purchase new equipment, upgrade existing systems, and hire personnel. Grant funds have enabled the Riverside Police Department to purchase state of the art technology and systems that make this department a recognized leader in the law enforcement arena. In addition, implementation of this technology has made the department more efficient in providing effective community policing programs that enhance the safety and quality of life in the city.

          The following are grant awards from the federal government:

Justice Administration Grant 2009 (JAG) - $225,973

The Justice Administration Grant pays for one Evidence Technician position. In addition, the 2009 funding will purchase replacement computer equipment and portable radios.

Justice Administration Grant 2009 ARRA - $928,874

These stimulus funds provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will fund an evidence technician, detective and police records specialist position. In addition, 15 marked patrol units and 4 motorcycles will be purchased.

COPS Technology 2009 - $895,000

Funds will be used to create a regional interoperable communications system made up of multiple subsystems with the core technology using fixed internet protocol gateways at existing public radio sites. The goal is to provide mission critical communications for public safety agencies within the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario urban areas.

Solving Cold Cases using DNA 2008 - $500,000

This grant will provide funds to enable the department to review and investigate violent crime “cold cases” that have the potential to be solved using DNA analysis.

State Homeland Security Program 2009 - $72,350
This grant provides funds for equipment, training, planning, and administrative needs of first responders. These funds will be used to purchase protective ensembles for our Technical Services Unit. Also funding is provided for specialized training in law enforcement intelligence, hazardous materials, robotics maintenance and bomb technician certification.
Urban Area Security Initiative 2009 - $468,022
Funds will be used to purchase equipment for the technical services unit. Equipment purchases will include hazardous device detection tools, mobile equipment trailer and tow vehicles to enhance response capabilities to hazardous, suspicious or explosive devices.
Bulletproof Vest Program 2009/10 - $6,178
These funds will be used to help offset the costs of body armor for police officers.
Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grant 2008 - $95,000

These funds are used to improve the quality and timeliness of forensic science and medical examiner services to eliminate backlogs in the analysis of forensic evidence.  Funds were used to purchase equipment for fingerprint analysis, digital imaging, computer forensics and cell phone forensics.  Funding was also used for education and training of the forensic evidence staff.

Anti-Drug Abuse 2009 - $84,086
Funds are used to subsidize the cost of personnel assigned to the West County Narcotics Task Force (WCNTF). The WCNTF has increased the narcotics enforcement in and around the city of Riverside. Task force efforts have resulted in seized assets that have been forfeited and obtained for use in future narcotics and law enforcement operations.
High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Program - $48,986
Inland Crackdown Alliance - $170,080

These funds through the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE) are used to support the Inland Crackdown Allied Task Force (INCA). This task force targets major drug-trafficking and money laundering organizations based in Riverside County. Funds provide for the maintenance and operation of one helicopter and also to provide overtime funding for staff.
Inland Regional Apprehension Team (IRAT) - $16,329
This multi-jurisdictional task force funded through the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a multi-agency group whose goal is to identify, locate, and apprehend violent offenders wanted for committing violent crimes.
Southern California Innocence Lost Task Force (SOCAIL) - $36,740
The goal of this multi-jurisdictional SOCAIL task force is to provide a rapid investigative response to reported federal crimes involving the sexual victimization of children.

The following are grant awards from the state government:

State Citizens Option for Public Safety 2009/10 (COPS) - $313,930 (proposed)
State Citizens Option for Public Safety 2008/09 (COPS) - $215,947

The State COPS grant provides for front line municipal police services. Funds are used to pay salaries for the computer forensics detective, support staff for Special Operations, a Police Record Supervisor and three Police Record Specialists.
Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) 2009 - $85,821
Grant funds will be used to conduct a comprehensive alcohol enforcement program that combats alcohol related crimes such as purchases and sales to underage persons and nuisance/problematic establishments.
Office of Traffic Safety (DUI) Driving Under the Influence Traffic Enforcement Program 2009 - $441,694
Grant funds will be used to conduct DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols in order to reduce the number of people killed and injured in alcohol involved crashes. Equipment purchase will include one motorcycle and checkpoint supplies/equipment. The grant also funds a portion of a Sergeant position and training.
Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Mini Checkpoint Grant 2009/10 - $40,765
Funds are used for a year long click it or ticket seat belt enforcement campaign in order to increase the level of seat belt usage.
Office of Traffic Safety 2007-2010 AVOID the 30 program - $701,983
The Riverside Police Department will serve as the host agency for a regional Driving Under the Influence program in Riverside County to reduce alcohol-involved fatalities and injuries and raise general public awareness regarding the problems associated with drinking and driving.
California Highway Patrol – 2010 Every 15 Minutes program - $9999
Funds were used to conduct a two-day program focusing on challenging teenagers challenging to think about drinking, driving, personal safety and the responsibility of making mature decisions. This year in March/April 2010, the program was conducted at Martin Luther King High School.
DUI Youth Safety 2009/10 - $5,000
This grant provided through the County of Riverside, Community Health Agency provides funds to conduct a Driving Under the Influence training program for high school students in the city of Riverside.
Safe Routes to School 2008-10 - $30,000
The goal of this grant, funded by the of Riverside, Community Health Agency, is to conduct pedestrian and bicycle safety programs for children in elementary schools in the city of Riverside.
Riverside Auto Theft Interdiction Detail (RAID) 2009/10 - $115,382
Funds are used to support the multi-jurisdictional task force that concentrates its efforts on the detection, identification and apprehension of professional vehicle thieves operating in Riverside County. Funds pay for the salary of one Police Detective position.