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Cultural Heritage Board

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3:30 pm




Planning Division, 951-826-5371


The City of Riverside is committed to providing high quality municipal services to ensure a safe, inclusive, and livable community

PLEASE NOTE:  The scheduled hearing times are approximate.  No item will be heard before its scheduled time but may be heard later in the meeting. 
Oral communications from the audience relating to any of the agenda items are limited to three minutes and you will be asked to state your name and city of residence.
Cultural Heritage Board action on all items may be appealed to the City Council within ten calendar days.  Contact the Planning Division of the Community Development Department for further information.

State law restricts the Cultural Heritage Board from taking action on an item unless it has been included on an agenda and posted at least 72 hours in advance of a meeting or unless the matter falls within one of the narrow exceptions.  Consequently, any item not listed on this agenda will normally have to be delayed until the item can be made part of a posted agenda.

This is the portion of the meeting specifically set aside to invite your comments on matters of interest to the Board, including matters on the Consent Calendar.
This portion of the agenda will be limited to a total of 15 minutes. Further discussion of any matter beyond 15 minutes will be continued to the following public hearing calendar or scheduled for a later agenda.  If there is no one from the audience wishing to speak, the Board will move to the Consent Calendar.
This portion of the Cultural Heritage Board’s agenda is for all matters where staff and public participation is anticipated, and for any item removed from the Consent Calendar by the Cultural Heritage Board, or the public, at the beginning of the Board meeting.  Audience participation is encouraged.
1.    PLANNING CASE P12-0232 (Continued from 1-16-13):  Proposed Certificate of Appropriateness request by Craig Celse to approve a previously poured 450 square foot concrete slab for parking in the street side yard setback of an existing single family residence at 6361 Brockton Avenue, located in the Palm Heights Historic District and the R-1-7000 zone at the southwest corner of Brockton Avenue and Merrill Avenue in Ward #3. Contact Planner:  Teri Delcamp (951) 826-2117  (Staff recommends continuance to March 20, 2013)

2.     PLANNING CASE P13-0081:  Proposed Certificate of Appropriateness request by Heritage Architecture and Planning on behalf of First Congregational Church  to install security grills within arches, lighting and fencing/gates for the First Congregational Church and Parsonage (aka Parish House) at 3504 Mission Inn Avenue and 3755 Lemon Street, within the Downtown Specific Plan Raincross District and Cultural Resource Overlay zone located  in Ward #1. The church is a City Landmark and District contributor listed in the National Register of Historic Places; the Parsonage is a contributor to the church’s National Register listing and is also a City Structure of Merit and District contributor. Contact Planner: Teri Delcamp, Senior Planner (951) 826-2117
3.     P12-0659: - Revision to Title 20 to include additional Preservation Incentives and other omnibus updates.
4.               Brief report from the Historic Preservation Officer on recent City Council actions.
5.               Items for future agendas.
6.               Update on status of major development projects.

E.         MINUTES:
6.     The minutes of January 16, 2013 to be presented for approval.
Adjournment to the Wednesday, March 20, 2013 meeting at 3:30 p.m. in the Art Pick Council Chamber.







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