:: Residential Information Verification Data (RIV.DAT)

To qualify as a resident for park classes, programs or facilities rentals, one must bring/send proof of residency. In order to help a resident with having to show proof of residency every time they register for any program/class and facility rentals, the Park and Recreation Department created RIV.DAT. By completing this form, you’ll be allowed ongoing registration without having to show proof of residency, which would otherwise be required at each instance of registration.

Proof of Residency Required

Please provide proof of residency for all individuals within your household and complete the RIV.DAT form. The proof must include the following:

Riverside Resident Adult

(Over 18 years of age)

Riverside Resident Children

(Under 18 years of age)
  1. A valid picture identification such as a California Drivers License or California I.D., Military I.D., Passport, Government issued I.D., or College I.D.
  2. AND one of the following items:
    • Utility Bill
    • Car Registration
    • Credit Card or Bank Statement
    • Rent Receipt, tax bill or escrow papers
  1. Birth Certificate, Medical Insurance Card with birth date, Immunization Card, or California Drivers License or I.D.
Address is subject to verification by CADME Map of Riverside city boundaries.
Note: Sorry we cannot accept a P.O. Box for a mailing address. When mailing in proof of residency, please send photocopies, not originals. We are not responsible for returning originals.* Please “White Out” or cross out Driver’s License or Social Security numbers for confidentiality protection before sending it in to the Park and Recreation Department.

Download and print the RIV.DAT form, then mail it to:
3936 Chestnut Street, Riverside, CA 92501

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