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Park: Address: Amenities:
Agricultural 9500 Jurupa Ave UD            
Andulka 5079 Chicago Ave UD            
Arlington 3860 Van Buren Blvd SF TC PG PL PT    
Bergamont 9239 Bergamont Dr SF PG PT        
Bobby Bonds 2060 University Ave SF TC CC PL PT    
Bordwell 2008 MLK Blvd R SF CC PG PT BQ  
Bryant 7950 Philbin St R SF TC CC PT BQ  
Carlson 4700 Buena Vista Dr PT            
Castleview 1410 Via Vist Dr PG PT          
Challen Hill 4602 Challen Ave UD            
Collett 10950 Collett Ave SF PG PT        
Dario Vasquez 2400 14th St TC PG BQ        
Don Derr 3003 Monroe St SF PG PT BQ      
Don Jones 3995 Jefferson St SF PT BQ        
Don Lorenzi 4230 Jackson St SF            
Fairmount 2601 Fairmount Blvd R TC PG PT BQ    
Doty-Trust Golden and Cambell Ave UD            
Harrison 2851 Harrison St PG PT BQ        
Highland 780 Glenhill St SF PG PT BQ      
Hunt 4015 Jackson St R SF CC PG PL PT BQ
Hunter 1400 Iowa Ave SF PT BQ        
Islander 3794 Mt. Vernon St SF PL PT        
La Sierra 5215 La Sierra Ave P SF CC PG PT BQ  
Lincoln 4261 Park Ave SF PG PT BQ      
Loring 3738 Buena Vista Dr              
Low 7101 Magnolia Ave              
Mt. Rubidoux 4706 Mt. Rubidoux St              
Mt. Vernon Blaine St / Mt Vernon Ave              
Mountain View 6241 Wiehe Ave SF PG PT BQ      
Myra Linn 4540 Meredith St TC PG PT BQ      
Newman 3780 14th St              
Nichols 5505 Dewey Ave SF CC PG PT BQ    
North 3172 Misson Inn Ave PT            
Orange Terrace Community Park 20010 Orange Terrace Parkway R SF PT PG      
Patterson 1846 Linden St SF PG PT BQ      
Rancho Loma 11343 Rancho Loma Dr SF PG PT BQ      
Reid 701 N. Orange St R SF TC CC PG PL PT
Riverside Sports Complex 1014 Blaine St SF            
Rutland 7000 Rutland Ave SF PG PT BQ      
Shamel 3650 Arlington Ave R SF TC PG PL PT BQ
Streeter 5257 Sierra Ave CC            
Swanson 5723 Glenhaven Ave PT            
Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park 400 Block of Central Ave              
Sycamore Highland Fair Isle Dr UD            
Taft 6826 New Ridge Dr SF TC PG PT BQ    
Tequesquite 4825 Tequesquite Ave UD            
Thundersky 20440 Thudersky Cir SF PG PT BQ      
Victoria Cross Victoria Ave / Cross St UD            
Villegas 7260 Marguerita St SF CC PG PL PT BQ  
Washington 2769 Mary St PG PT BQ        
White Park 3936 Chestnut St CC            
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