Application Process: Current Fire Fighters

Firefighters must be employed by one of the participating agencies and admission is contingent upon approval by Division Chief LaWayne Hearn and requestor’s department.

Firefighters are required to maintain yearly training certifications. Those certifications must be kept current with records sent from their agency, and therefore not necessary to complete for this portion of the Pre-Application Process.

Use the US&R Team Member Checklist to track your progress.

Click to open each training program. When completed, print certificate and forward to with your application package.

  1. Review PowerPoint Critical Incident Stress Awareness Training Complete Print Test

  2. Complete IS-100 and IS-200 (or their equivalent), plus IS-700 and IS-800B online courses.

     Print certificate

  4. Complete DHS/FEMA National US&R Response System Orientation course FEMA Orientation on CD - Review PowerPoint Complete test, print

  5. CA Orientation Presentation  Cross off your checklist

  6. Complete initial training at the First Responder Operations level for Hazardous Material Print certificate

  7. Complete annual refresher training as required

  8. Must be/stay current on CPR

  9. Complete NFPA 1500 Respiratory Protection Training Course can be accessed on-line at print certificate

  10. Complete NFPA 1500 Awareness Level training for Confined Space Rescue Operations Awareness Print certificate

  11. Water Rescue Operations Awareness Request

     Swiftwater Rescue Techniques - Watch main video portion of CD Swept Away - Watch for additional Water Awareness Training portion of CD
  12. Contact Carol Blake for certificate.
  13. Complete Structural Collapse Awareness - Print certificate.
  14. GPS Awareness Review GPS Awareness PowerPoint Presentation Complete test Print certificate

  15. Annual Ethics Training. Must be completed annually. Print certificate

  16. Complete Personnel Information form (2 pages), OF612 form and Oath form. Oath must be notarized.

When all pre-application general training requirements have been met, there will be an open submission period where you will have the opportunity to complete an application. You will be notified by your department if a position is available with your qualifications. After the application process and depending on the position you are applying for, there will be additional training requirements specific to that position.

You will then be placed on the US&R roster in one of two ways:

1. Rostered Non-Deployable – this placement means that you have not completed the required training to meet deployable status.

2. Rostered Deployable – this placement means that you have met the training requirements to be deployed.

If you have additional questions concerning the pre-application requirements, you may contact Carol Blake, 951-826-5827 or Mike Williams, 951-351-6260

Forms to Download:

  1. Immunization Verification
  2. Application OF612
  3. Affidavit/Oath
  4. Personnel Information Form
  5. Code of Conduct

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