Fire Department

Fire Department

Fire Protection Plan Submittal

All fire protection submittals require 3 sets of plans and 1 set of product specification sheets or any applicable information needed for that specific fire protection system. The plan review process is 2 weeks for all fire protection systems, and 4 weeks for a new commercial automatic fire sprinkler system. All fees are paid when the plans are approved.

State of California has adopted the 2013 editions of California Fire Code, Building Code, NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 13, 24 and 72, as amended by the State Fire Marshal.

Any business that stores any combustible commodities greater than twelve feet in height or any high hazard commodities over 6 feet in height, palletized/pile, shelf or rack storage is required to obtain a permit from the Fire Department. Any shelving or racks greater than 5 feet 9 inches in height is required to obtain a permit from the Building Department. A floor plan and a completed high piled storage application shall be submitted for review and approval. A high piled storage analysis may be required based on the complexity of the commodity and storage arrangement. Upon approval a permit will be issued and will be reviewed each year or at the time of your scheduled fire inspection.

Fire Inspections

Each Fire Inspector is responsible for a specific area and they schedule their own appointments for inspections. Call at least a minimum of 48 hours in advanced to schedule an inspection. When you call to schedule please have the building and/or fire permit number and project address available so that the correct inspection is scheduled.

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