Tips for Permitting Success

1. Choose your design team carefully

  • Does this team have experience working in the City? Familiar with state law?
  • Do they have experience with your specific project type? (for example a Restaurant or historic property)

2. Hire a general contractor. Often a business owner will try to oversee the project himself to save money but this can end up costing time and money!

3. Get to know your Business Liaison and Permitting Team and schedule a pre-development meeting.

4. Don’t piece-meal your project. Most often it is better to have a complete site plan and submit the entire scope of work as a package. It gives the plan checkers context for evaluating the details and usually leads to fewer mistakes and corrections.

5. Ask for a copy of written comments that are given to your architect or engineer when plan revisions are needed. Your Business Liaison can send you this information via email.

6. Ask about energy efficiency incentives. The Riverside Public Utility has many rebates and incentives to help your business become green and efficent.