Riverside Streamlines the Building Inspection Process for Certain Residential Projects

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

The City of Riverside Building and Safety Division has launched an innovative new program to streamline the building inspection process.  Under the new program, certain types of home improvement permits will no longer need a City Building Inspector to approve the work performed by certain contractors.  California licensed roofing contractors will be allowed to self-certify residential reroof projects where composition shingles are used, thereby avoiding the traditional City Building Inspector visit to the site.  Because the City Building Inspector will not be directly involved in the inspection process, costs for these types of reroof permits have been substantially reduced.

Roofing Contractors participating in the program will be required to be registered with the City as Deputy Reroof Inspectors and will be given a brief training session on the limitations of the program and the contractor’s role in the self-certification documentation.  Another part of the inspection streamlining effort allows California licensed plumbing contractors to email pictures of water heater replacement installations to the City Building Inspector for a photo review of the work.  If the photos document that the installation complies with all applicable safety regulations, the permit will be finalled by way of a return email notice to the contractor.  These new streamlined inspection processes will benefit contractors, home owners and City Building Inspectors, not to mention reducing City Hall’s carbon footprint by way of decreasing the vehicle travel miles of City Building Inspectors.  If these trial programs work as well as expected, additional types of minor home improvement permits will be added to the inspection streamlining list.

For more information, contact Dan Chudy, Building Official at 951-826-5942 or dchudy@riversideca.gov