Riverside Software Development Company, SouthTech, Transforms e-Services for Public Agencies

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

For over two decades SouthTech founder, Jose Dominguez, has been helping public agencies by converting cumbersome manual record and licensing processes into high-tech Internet electronic recording systems.

Dominguez’ first project was the automation of marriage licenses with the County of Riverside. When the State of California purchased the software for statewide implementation, his company was officially launched.

Since then, he and business partner Grant Gyulnazaryan continue to work with government agencies and businesses to build software that improves the efficiency of the organization’s operations.

SouthTech owners Jose Dominguez (left) and Grant Gyulnazaryan (right)

“We see too many companies build something without understanding their client’s business process,” explains Grant. “Instead, we listen to our customers and try to see where the problem is – and it may not be just a technical issue, it could be a fear of the process itself – so we try to make it better. Then, we go back and ask our clients what has worked and what doesn’t so that we are always improving and working to better meet their specific needs.”

The company’s most recent success was the automation of the Form 700, the employee disclosure statement required of certain public employees as mandated by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).  This service alone is already assisting over 30,000 filers across California and will soon include the City of Riverside.

SouthTech has been in Riverside since 2006 and its owners view the community as not just a great place for their families, but a fertile ground for their business’s future as well. As a small, self-funded company in which the owners must wear several hats, access to support and businesses resources are key.

“I recently evaluated our company and its growth track,” stated Gyulnazaryan. “I started seeing so many good resources here in Riverside, such as the CEO Forum where great minds get together once a month and exchange ideas or offer you insight on a project.  In addition, we love the attitude here – it’s more like a business environment than a government and I think that brings a lot of value.”

To find out more about SouthTech Systems, visit their website at SouthTechSystems.com.