Office of Economic Development Launches New Customer Survey Tool

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

The Office of Economic Development (OED) for the City of Riverside launched its Business First initiative as a reflection of the dedication given to small businesses, large companies and entrepreneurs. Information and assistance is provided with zoning, permitting, and City policies and processes through a single-point-of-contact, backed by a team of knowledgeable professionals.

To ensure that the best service is received, the OED team has recently launched its customer survey process, with surveys for new businesses and for existing customers. The goal is to discover the key business and community assets that attract businesses to Riverside, as well as continually gauge the delivery of excellent customer service after a business’ interaction with Riverside staff.

It has been a goal of the City Manager and his administration to ensure that the City is offering top quality customer service at every level, in keeping with the City’s innovative and business-friendly approach. Residents and businesses that conduct business in City Hall or with a City office should receive courteous, efficient and expedient service. A program launched earlier this year – ePlan Review – strives to accomplish this goal by streamlining the permitting process by submitting plans in the plan-check process online. The objective is to minimize processing time and costs for the resident or business, and to deliver on the premise of business-friendly processes within the City of Riverside.

Responses from the community is appreciated, as it helps the City to gauge the effectiveness of its programs as well as to track success in delivering excellent customer service.

The customer surveys can be accessed at the links below:

Customer Service survey -

New Business in Riverside survey -