K&N Filters Proves to Be High Performing Equipment in Riverside’s Economic Engine

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Since 1969, K&N Filters has been making a name for themselves in the automotive industry.  Starting out as a family business, the Riverside-based company now employs 650 and maintains its position as the sales and brand leader for performance air filters.

K&N Manufacturing Facility

K&N Filters has been operating in Riverside since 1969

With a stocking catalogue of over 3,500 part numbers, including an extensive line of both factory replacement drop-in filters, FIPK (Fuel Injection Performance Kit) applications, and its line of innovative Performance Gold oil filters, K&N firmly believes that “automotive performance does not have to have a shelf life, or stand at odds with the quality of life of the purchasing consumer or others.”   The K&N signature product, the washable and reusable air filter, is a prime example of this commitment to quality and value as it is meant to last for the life of the vehicle while increasing horsepower and acceleration.”

Although 30% of K&N’s business is outside of the US, the company continues to grow here in Riverside.

K&N employees“Over the last seven years, K&N has invested more than $15 million in machine and automation tooling in the Riverside facility in order to improve efficiencies while maintaining a competitive cost structure in a global marketplace,” explained vice president Tim Martin, stressing the significance of this as some of the company’s highest-growth product lines are geared for international customers.

K&N Vice President displays a K&N reusable filter

Vice President Tim Martin displays a K&N reusable filter

In fact, the majority of parts and materials that K&N uses are made in the US, and millions of air filters are assembled in and shipped from the Riverside facility each year, despite the fact that most of their customers are in other countries.  “Having access to people and resources that support international trade has made it easier [to be a global company]”, stated Martin, recommending to other business owners that they use these resources to make the process of selling products to customers in other countries easier and more cost-effective.

Whether competing in a Formula 3 or NASCAR race, traveling across the world’s highest navigable road or cruising the Autobahn (or the 91 Freeway), chances are that part of Riverside is there in the form of a K&N filter.

To read more on K&N Filters, visit the company website at www.knfilters.com. For more information on international trade resources, click here.