Riverside Prepares for Transition to SmartCodes

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

(Source: Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce, Chamber Communicator)

At a recent Greater Riverside chambers of Commerce Economic Development Council (EDC) meeting, Riverside’s Community Development Director, Al Zelinka, discussed the SmartCode Specific Plan to introduce a new way of helping developers and contractors through the entitlement process. Following the recommendation from the EDC, the Chamber’s Board of Directors unanimously voted to support the SmartCode Specific Plan.

SmartCodes are a method of regulating development to achieve a specific urban vision and implement processes to facilitate private sector investment, business development, and enhancement of quality of life.  It combines zoning, subdivision regulations, urban design, and basic architectural standards into one, compact document. It streamlines the planning and entitlement process, and builds in a simplified way upon an overall development vision for a region, district, or neighborhood.

The City’s Community Development Department hopes to introduce SmartCodes into Riverside’s planning process by mid to late-2014.

The Department introduces and maintains information about key updates to codes and Specific Plan documents on their web site at riversideca.gov/planning