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Audit Images Services/functions/programs are selected for audit based on potential for cost savings and service improvements, potential for increased revenue, level of management interest, evidence of potential problems, risk of loss or abuse, and availability of audit staff. We welcome your suggestions for audits; please contact the Internal Audit Manager at 951-826-5688 or via email at cjohannes@riversideca.gov.

Selection of audit engagements is one of the most important responsibilities of the Internal Audit Manager. Careful consideration is given to prioritizing audit subjects so that audit resources are allocated efficiently and effectively. An annual audit work plan is prepared the beginning of the fiscal year and reviewed by the City Manager and Assistant City Managers. The plan is flexible and may change during the fiscal year.

Internal Audit will be developing and implementing a risk assessment model in the coming fiscal year to target additional priority audit areas. Ideally, the model will compare specific factors for each budgeted program or revenue source including proposed expenditures and estimated revenues. The model will score each factor, weight the factors for relative importance, and calculate a weighted score for each item. The items with the highest weighted scores will be considered for inclusion in the audit work plan. 

At the end of the fiscal year, a report is issued to the City Manager, Assistant City Managers and Department Directors noting the status and progress towards completing the audits on the annual audit plan.

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